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Impact of Euro Crisis on the World and Australian Business - 2750 Words

Impact of the Euro Crisis on the World and Australian Business (Essay Sample) Content: Impact of The Euro Crisis on "THE WORLD" and "AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSBUS 854: Assignment ReportName of StudentContact DetailsBUS 854: Leading and Managing in Culturally Diverse EnvironmentsMaquire UniversityDate of SubmissionIntroductionThe Euro Zone was established fifteen years ago. However, barely a decade into its existence, the Eurozone underwent a significant crisis that threatened the very presence of the union. The Eurozone was established to protect its member states against adverse economic conditions through competitive positioning and access to the large single market within the euro zone. As noted by Lavoie (2015), the Euro was created to preserve the massive consumer market realized by the conglomerate states, prevent the global recession, protect the world financial system, and promote economic growth and prosperity within the Zone. Regardless of the initial blueprint, the Eurozone has experienced massive crises that threatened not only the members and the Zone itself but also the global economy and individual trading partners.This report seeks to provide an outlay of the Impacts of the Euro Crisis on the global economy in general, and Australian businesses in particular. The first section of this report discusses the global impacts of Euro crisis on businesses and industries within the Eurozone, Australia, and the global community. The second section narrows the discussion to the trade and cultural relationship between Germany and Australia. This includes analyzing the political, legal, social, cultural, and historical characteristics of Germany comparable to Australia.The Euro CrisisThe Euro Crisis was exacerbated by the 2007 global financial crisis. During the growth periods of the EZ, massive build up of trade imbalances was witnessed, albeit ignored, by EZ member states (Lavoie 2015). Substantial capital outflows from core economies such as Germany into periphery nations like Portugal was initially taken as evidence of real conv ergence of dynamism between core and periphery economies (Baldwin and Gros 2015). However, it effectively implied that periphery nations were significantly relying on capital inflow from core economies to cover their savings-investment gaps. When the 2008 GFC broke out, core economies could not continue lending to the periphery economies, which triggered crises in the monetary union characteristics of the EZ (Baldwin and Gros 2015).Some commentaries have, however, asserted that the Eurozone Crisis was exacerbated by the differences in culture among the Eurozone members. The Eurozone financial crisis was worsened by the turmoil Greece found itself. As opined by Kelly (2011), Greece has always been a society where work ethics, financial ambitions, and payment of tax plays second fiddle to the unhurried appreciation of life. Therefore, the Eurozone crisis was a cultural phenomenon as much as it was financial.Impacts of the Eurozone CrisisAs highlighted by Mascitelli and Park (2012), th e impacts of the Euro Zone debt crisis on world economy stems from the affecting economies consumption demand, government spending, and investment expenditure, which in turn influences the trade in the international economy. The research conducted by Mascitelli and Park (2012) after the Euro Crisis indicated that the global economy suffered because of the debt crisis. As a result of the Euro Zone debt crisis, the average annual growth rate of the global economy declined by 65 basis points, while the global unemployment rate increased by 181 basis points (Mascitelli and Park 2012). The crisis had a substantial impact on global trade, which plunged into a depression with the average annual growth rate of world trade declining by 114 basis points.Individual countries experienced massive trade declines as a result of Eurozone debt crisis. The US and China suffered substantially in their import and export businesses as a result of the crisis. For example, the annual growth rate of China declined by 37 basis points, attributed to the Eurozone crisis (Mascitelli and Park 2012). Notably, the export of raw materials, electronics, and machinery suffered the worst blow as trade reductions ensued the crisis.Impacts on the Euro Zone IndustriesThe Euro Zone debt crisis had substantial effects on the economies of member states, more so the periphery nations, which experienced build up of intra-zonal debt. The crisis exacerbated the build up of structural current account disequilibria (Mascitelli and Park 2012). The build-up of imbalances resulted from the developments in the external debt in the private sector, mainly households, and corporations.There is a slowed growth in the emerging economies of the Euro Zone. The Euro Zone was established because member countries would benefit from the vast consumer market within the region. However, the debt crisis has made it hard for emerging economies within the zone to pursue export-led strategies (Filbeck, Louie and Zhao 2014). Th e greater reliance on the domestic demand factors is presenting the EZ with severe problems. This is exacerbated by the differences in the fiscal policy among member countries, differentiated growth prospects, disparities in interest rate regimes, and policy stances adopted by different governments (Filbeck, Louie and Zhao 2014).As a result, industries within the EZ cannot benefit from the promised competitiveness of the integrated region. Manufacturers, especially in the more advanced parts of EZ, are unable to take advantage of the vast consumer market due to the inability of consumers to purchase the goods and services manufactured within the region.Impacts on AustraliaAustralia has continued to show resilience in the wake of major economic crises experienced by the international community over the past years (Mascitelli and Park 2012). The US sub-prime led to the adversity of the global financial crisis, affecting virtually all developed economies across the globe. Nevertheless, Australia experienced indirect impacts on its economy as a result of the GFC. Major global economic crises do not significantly affect the Australian economy because the country has stable financial sectors. The Euro Zone debt crisis neither had a significant impact on Australia, mostly because of the limited trade ties the country has with Europe (Mascitelli and Park 2012).Nevertheless, many analysts have pointed out that the debt crisis in Europe inevitably impacts on the Australian financial system. The availability of credit in Australia will be influenced by the debt crisis in Europe. Standard Poors downgraded the credit rating of the four largest banks in Australia from AA to AA- as a result of the scandals involving Lehman Brothers (Ryan 2011). This came as a result of the tightening of the definition of risk by S P.The Eurozone crisis also had substantial impacts on the interest rates and distortions in the Australian financial community. For instance, ANZ Bank declared th at it would not respect the central directives provided by the Reserve Bank of Australia, as significant factors affecting banking sector in Australia, such as the Eurozone crisis, were not reflected in the decisions and policies developed by the RBA (Gluyas 2011).Regardless, Australia remains an uptight economy; significantly shielded from external economic shocks, so long as the major trading partners of Australia remains non-significantly affected. Australias minerals remain strong as it trades with China and Asian partners, rather than European markets (Mascitelli and Park 2012). Nevertheless, Australia has significant trade engagements with Germany, a member of the Eurozone. Germany is the tenth largest two-way trading partner with Australia. Major exports to Germany by Australian traders include legal tender coins and gold coins, oil-seeds, precious metal ores, and oleaginous fruits.Germany PESTLE AnalysisBrief HistoryGermany and Australia both have historical backgrounds that neither country wants to be proud of. Germany has engaged in two world wars and been defeated in both. Similarly, Australia joined forces with England during the first world war against Germany (Stevenson and Grey 2016).The two have developed diplomatic ties, in spite of the troubled past. Germany has its consulate in Sydney, Australia since the late 19th century. The diplomatic relationship between the Republic of Germany and Australia was reinstated after the Second World War, in 1949, when Australia established its missions in Bonn. The mission was converted to Australian Embassy in 1952 (Stevenson and Grey 2016).The trade between Germany and Australia is sizeable, even though it is heavily weighted to imports from Germany. Nevertheless, Australia exports legal tender coins and gold coins, oil-seeds, precious metal ores, and oleaginous fruits. By 2010, the total two-way trade volumes between Australia and Germany totaled to $13 billion, making it the largest trading partner in t he Eurozone (Trending Economics 2016). Although the majority of the volumes is accounted for by imports into Australia, Australians can increase their exports to the European country.PESTLE AnalysisPolitical AspectsGermany has a democratic parliamentary system of government. The countrys political system functions under Grundgesetz, a political ideology founded in the constitution in 1949 (Bulmer and Paterson 2014). The German constitution guarantees protection of individual liberties, and division of power. The political system has been dominated by two parties: Social Democratic Party and Christian Democratic Party. The Federal government consists of three key arms of the government: the judiciary, legislature, and the executive.The constitution of Germany provides Germans with a sense of belonging. The Constitution lays d...

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Social Media And Technology Influence Us - 1448 Words

Turn Off and Tune Out- Take Your Life Back Do you say, â€Å"I’m going to use my smart device to look up something† and then you find yourself on the device for over three hours? How does (social) media and technology influence us? Technology dominates people’s lives. Sometimes we get too caught up in our devices and don’t pay attention to people around us. â€Å"Studies indicate some mobile device owners check their devices every 6.5 minutes† (Becker 2). We need to take a break from our phones, computers, and all smart devices. Take a few hours one day a week or even a full day to disconnect from your device. Don’t connect to those around the world (who you don’t really know), connect to the people right next to you (your family, neighbor,†¦show more content†¦Each time, I am reminded that life’s most fulfilling relationships are the ones in the world right in front of me. And spending too much time looking away from them does a great disadvantage to my soul an d theirs. (Becker 4) For me, when having a conversation on social media, I do not see my bond growing. I see it with myself, there are certain people who I text and others I call. My relationship with the ones I call is way stronger than those who I text. Even though I have some friends overseas, I can still call them using WhatsApp or by picking up a telephone. When taking weekly breaks from social media, you will see a difference with your friendships and they will improve. When someone goes off the grid and disconnects from technology; they will have an in-person conversation, make new friendships, will not get too caught up with everything. Without technology, people will be able to live in the moment and they will not compare their life with celebrities and wealthy people. In addition, they will not look on social media and feel bad that they are not on the perfect vacation that the other person on Instagram is on, or that another person who you follow got the newest item- that’s really expensive and you cannot afford. Be happy with what you have! When people spend so much time on social media it can lead to unrest. â€Å"One in three people felt worse after visiting Facebook and more dissatisfiedShow MoreRelatedThe Factors That Influence Business Communication872 Words   |  4 Pagesmove us forward into the future and we must learn to adapt to the evolution going on around us. An interesting topic that many people are curious and terrified about is the adaptation of work skills in the future. With technology advancements, human evolution, social technologies, and global interconnectivity evolving at a rapid pace, we must learn from these advancements, adapt them to our daily lives, and embed the core competencies into our workforce and communication. The future offers us newRead MoreDoes Social Networking Have A Positive And Or Negative Affect On Individuals?942 Words   |  4 PagesDoes Social networking have a positive and or negative affect on individuals? According to Susan Greenfield, a neuroscientist at the Oxford University, social networking has many negative affects. She claims that â€Å" social networking is infantilizing the human mind, into a state of mind as of children. In my opinion, I agree with greenfield’s statement because many individuals are relying on their social media accounts for everyday use. However, social networking has greatly influenced the way individualsRead MoreSocial Media And Social Change906 Words   |  4 Pages As technology develops rapidly in the modern society, the broad social influence it brings is also widely discussed, especially about its effects on social change. In the past, social movements were raised without the help of technology, specifically without social media, whereas social media has recently played a non-ignorable role. The connection between social media and social activisms concerned, here come some different voices. Few people maintain that social media now has no p ractical influenceRead MoreTechnology Friend Or Foe?1280 Words   |  6 Pages2014 Technology—Friend or Foe? Over time, technology has evolved in ways that people living 50 years ago would have never imagined in their wildest dreams. There have been countless technological advancements that have changed peoples’ lives and the way that society functions. It is difficult to even picture a world without technology. Many of us have our entire lives saved on our phone or computer. Our lives have become so dependent on it that the use of such technology comes naturally to us. OurRead MoreNegative Effects Of Social Media On Teenagers1147 Words   |  5 PagesEffects of Social Media on Teenagers Nowadays social media have become one of the important part of our lifestyle and has a great influence in our day to day basic activities. Getting more likes and having more followers has become one of the important part of people’s social life. Teenagaers spent most of their time checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many more. According to The Washington Post, â€Å"Teens are spending more than one-third of their days using media such as online videoRead MoreDigital Technology And Social Media Essay1707 Words   |  7 PagesMore recently than in years past, digital technology and social media have grown to become a part of our everyday lives. The recent rise in those who own smartphones allows this everyday use of digital technology and social networking to be easier than ever before. At any time and any place, we have the ability to â€Å"socialize† with nearly anyone—even celebrities who have no idea most of us even exist. The continuous cons umption of digital media has altered once personal face-to-face communicationRead MoreImpact Of Technology On Our World909 Words   |  4 PagesThe impact of technology has undoubtedly shaped the way we live in today’s world. This impact has made life much easier and convenient in every aspect of our everyday lives. However, when technology is broken down to different types and purposes, that is when we begin to recognize is certain technology actually moving the human race forward or backwards? One highly debated and arguably the most popular type of technology, is social media. Social media has negatively impacted our world to the pointRead MoreEffects Of Social Media Essay879 Words   |  4 PagesTechnology has become one with the human race. To the moment we wake, our first instinct is to check our digital devices so we may catch up on what we missed. Technology/ social media have become the world’s greatest influence, will prove to be our undoing. Social media c auses isolation, leading to the lack of interpersonal communication; and in the long run it will affect their health. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand, they resort to social media for the feeling of belonging and lessRead MoreThe Importance Of Social Media878 Words   |  4 PagesTechnology has become one with the human race. The moment we wake, are first instinct is to check our digital devices so we may catch up on what we missed. Technology/ social media has become the world’s most greatest influence and may be our undoing. Social media causes isolation leading to the lack of interpersonal communication; and in the long run it will affect their health. Instead of dealing with the problem at hand they resort to social media for the feeling of belonging and less isolationRead MorePositive And Negative Effects Of Technology1600 Words   |  7 PagesTechnology is a very controversial topic in our modern day world. Because of the controversy of the inclusion of technology in the education system, the overuse and abuse of technology, and how it is affecting the way we behave and think in the world, various authors and producers over the years have commented about the increasing use and incorporation of technology in today’s world through their work. Many authors have very different views on the topic, some such as Ann Woo and Vannear Bush argue

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Is Conformity A Popular Thing - 1733 Words

Throughout my life, many people have impacted me. Whether it be a teacher, a fellow classmate, a parent, or even a celebrity, someone has influenced me in some way. I have found that the older I get, the more I really think about life and what really matters in this world. Some people would say that materialistic items are the key to happiness, while others will disagree by saying that possessions cannot fill the void in your life forever. There will always be something that you will want so that you can maintain the happiness that is put into possessions. Others will say that conformity is a popular thing in society and the only way to be happy is to conform to the way society says you should. Many people will completely agree with that because they are afraid to stand out in a world that tells them it is not okay to be different or to be an individual. If you want to be truly happy, one must break away from the chains of conformity. To live in a world that tells us who we should be is the greatest waste that anyone could fall susceptible to. I have always felt that I was born in the wrong generation. I do not like any music from this era (except Adele) because I do not like the way music sounds in this era. I prefer to listen to old country music, Broadway music, and anything by Bette Midler. I also love watching old television shows, such as I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie. I do not idolize anyone from this generation of celebrities (Adele is anShow MoreRelatedConformity Essay721 Words   |  3 Pages There are many ways were people conform to society, sometimes it could be a good thing and sometimes it could be a bad thing. For people, there are certain expectations to follow. For example, when you go to a party like a wedding or so you are expected to dress nice and appropriate, you conform with society. Also, when you are driving you are expected to go to certain speed. People are always trying to comfort society in different ways. Overall, people have and set expectations for others andRead MoreConformity and Individuality Essay933 Words   |  4 PagesConformity Speech I strongly believe that individuality should be valued over conformity. Today I will tell you how precious and rare individuality is, and why we should value it over conformity. As human beings, our lives are circled around a thin line that separates conformity and individuality. There are countless times when we are confused about whether our choice was made by others, or yourself. Deep inside, we all want to be liked; we all want to be loved, we all crave the warm feelings ofRead MoreWhat is Considered Beautiful? Essay836 Words   |  4 Pageswas â€Å"imperfectly manifested in what we call beautiful† (Costandi, 2008). However, he could not support his claim with evidences. David Hume, on the other hand, argued that beauty exists not in things but in the mind that contemplates them (Costandi, 2008). He believed that â€Å"Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty† (Sartwell, 2012). This is well summarized in the well-known, common quote, â€Å"Beauty isRead MoreConformity Is The Most Popular Form Of Conformity909 Words   |  4 Pageswho mat ter don t mind.† Through this quote, the foundation of conformity is uprooted from its murky hovel and is disputed with. Despite, though, how many people preach these words, they still succumb to the mind numbing effects without even realizing it, because they are not fully aware of the causes of this topic. That is why one needs to understand the causes of conformity before preventing the effects. The three causes of conformity include: changing how one acts to avoid the rejection of theirRead More Babbit by Sinclair Lewis Essays1737 Words   |  7 Pages Babbitt: Conformity In the Sinclair Lewis novel Babbitt, the character of Babbitt is completely controlled by the power of conformity. Conformity is so powerful that even after babbitt realizes the stifling nature of the society in which he lives he is powerless to change his fate as a member of conformist society. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;George F. Babbitt is a man who is completely controlled by the conformist society in which he lives. Pressure to conform lies in all aspects of BabbittsRead MoreEssay on The Individual: Betrayal of The True Self 1060 Words   |  5 Pagesgo against, and even retaliate against irrational laws and morals. If one does not utilize the freedom of retaliation, an individual betrays their true nature of the self. If an individual gives into societal compliance and refuses to challenge popular ideology, one is betraying their true self. For, the true nature of an individual is non-compliance, compliance was placed to rob individuals of the freedom to think. The modern society have pillaged individuals from being true to themselvesRead MoreSocial Psychological Concepts in the Movie Mean Girls Essay760 Words   |  4 Pagessocial-psychological principals depicted in Mean Girls are prejudice, discrimination, and conformity. According to Social Psychology and Human Nature textbook, written by Baumeister and Bushman, prejudice is a negative feeling toward an individual bases solely on his or her membership in a p articular group. Discrimination is unequal treatment of different people based on the groups or categories to which they belong. Lastly, conformity is defined as getting along with the crowd. In the movie, the main characterRead MoreMovie Analysis : Think For Yourself 1633 Words   |  7 Pagesculture’s varying memes, we seem to let this electronic world determine what our actions as young people will be. We can find conformity take a huge role in this society. As we flip out our overpriced and fragile gadgets from the back pocket our tight unbreathable skinny jeans, we scroll through the infamous Instagram and find ourselves looking at the recent post of those popular kids at school. The gal sports her new one hundred dollar Lulu Lemon leggings as her boy toy continues sagging his Levis pantsRead MoreThe Effects Of Advertising On Today s Culture863 Words   |  4 Pagespeople seeing it and hearing it. Advertisement has several negative effects on today s culture, such as it promotes conformity, affects one s self-image, and manipulates how people buy. People may not even realize that advertising has these effects on them. That is how acclimated people have bec ome to it. One effect that advertisement has on today s culture is that it promotes conformity. Advertising is supposed to encourage choice, however most companies advertise in order to convince people to buyRead MoreThe Acknowledgement Of Group Conformity1699 Words   |  7 PagesThe acknowledgment of group conformity dates back at least to the 17th century all the way to the present, including psychologists who conducted series of social psychology experiments such as the Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, Solomon Asch, Phillip Zimbardo, James A. F. Stoner and many more. It is important to have an understanding of group dynamics and how they can hinder the ability and willingness of a group to think critically of itself, to look outside itself for help, and to

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Stopping By The Woods Essay - 1012 Words

Composers utilise their respective works to convey various aspects of revelation. Exploration of self and the wider world is a multifaceted component, manipulated to be found in all aspects of life. Composers such as Robert Frost and David Wilkie incorporate these notions into their literary works. Robert Frost dexterously composed the poems Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening and Mending Wall to reflect the ambiguous nature of man’s interpretive expeditions. Similarly, David Wilkie adapts Titan’s 16th century ‘Supper at Emmaus’ to his 19th Century painting Christopher Columbus at the convent of la Rabida to portray the ever relevant nature of expedition into the unknown. Frost analyses metaphysical exploration as a supporting factor†¦show more content†¦However, the lines retain a sense of echolalia, illustrating that the speaker’s mind is transfixed in metaphysical contemplation. Frost consequently draws connotations to humanityâ€⠄¢s constant battle between lust for, and fear of, the unknown. Therefore, exploration into one’s cognitive realm is denoted as tempting but potentially dangerous. However, Frost portrays this experience with positive overtones, describing the encounter as necessary. Frost inadvertently shows that through self-exploration, an individual can understand their worth. Therefore, self-analysis generates a shaped perception of an individual’s civil necessity. Individual citizenship expedites a greater comprehension of social mechanics. Civil machinations are duly exposed when examined from multiple perspectives beginning with the individual. Frost alludes to this notion in Mending wall by highlighting the varying opinions of man. The colloquial â€Å"and† and â€Å"But† are used as multiple sentence starters, eliciting a familiar rapport. However, this is juxtaposed by the allegorical â€Å"walk the line† that draws adverse connotations to society’s influence on private thought. Frost furthers this notion through the deplorative tonality when mentioning the motif of the â€Å"wall†. Additionally, the archaic imagery of â€Å"he moves in darkness† continues the impression of a growing antipathy. Frost employs these to showcase the disparity between the speaker’s distaste for boundariesShow MoreRelated Stopping by woods on a snowy evening Essay2229 Words   |  9 Pages This essay is include d my own understanding, plus some information that I gathered from a lot of researches and critics’ comments on this poem. I, myself interpret this poem through the first perspective I would explain about, and in two other perspectives my ideas hardly is included. quot;Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Eveningquot; Complete Text Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village, though; He will not see me stopping here To watch his woods fill up with snow.Read MoreStopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening Essay1431 Words   |  6 PagesFrost poetry in my free time. A phrase within the fourth stanza of the poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, curiously mirrored the journey of Christine J. Walley, the author of the ethno-biography Exit Zero. â€Å"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep,† Frost writes. He presents the reader with a lone traveler trekking through the woods in search of answer. These woods display a level of complexion that may not be noticed by the everyday passerbyRead MoreStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Essay example897 Words   |  4 PagesExplore any one of the poems where this feature is most memorable. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost is a contemporary piece dealing with the typical human desire for escape. Whether this desire is manifested in avoidance of work, school or simply a relief from the mundane repetitiveness of everyday life this want is present in all humans. Throughout this poem Frost depicts and suggests that the woods are his means of escape from the village, from society, and Frost conveysRead More Death in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Essay679 Words   |  3 PagesStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening   - A Stop for Death  Ã‚   Everyone feels burdened by life at some point. Everyone wishes they could just close their eyes and make all the problems and struggles of life disappear. Some see death as a release from the chains and ropes with which the trials and tribulations of life bind the human race. Death is a powerful theme in literature, symbolized in a plethora of ways. In Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Eve Robert Frost uses subtle imagery, symbolism,Read MoreEssay about Stopping by the woods on a snowy Evening847 Words   |  4 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The poem â€Å"Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening†, by Robert Frost, is a short, yet intricate poem. What appears to be simple is not simple at all. What appears to be innocent is really not. The woods seem pristine and unimposing, however, they are described as being â€Å"dark and deep†, and it is the â€Å"darkest evening of the year†. He speaks of isolation, â€Å"between the woods and frozen lake† and of duty â€Å"But I have promises to keep†. And also, Frost’s usage of â€Å"sleep†Read MoreAnalysis of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Essay766 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Diction (i.e. choice of vocabulary) The diction of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is extremely simple. None of the vocabulary is difficult or unusual, and most of the most of the words are short and plain, for example woods, house, snow, horse. None of the descriptions, either of the setting, or the horse, is detailed or elaborate: the horse is simply, little; the lake is frozen (but we learn nothingRead MoreEssay about Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Eve808 Words   |  4 Pages Frosts poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, seems to be a simple story of a man and his horse. It portrays beautiful imagery with an enjoyable rhythm and rhyming scheme. Taking a second look at this poem may bring a more complex curiosity about what Frost is exactly trying to achieve through his words. It is apparent in the breakdown of the poem that new meanings and revelations are to be found. This is seen by relating almost all of his statements to each stanza and line. Robert FrostsRead MoreStopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost Essay1383 Words   |  6 Pages Robert Frost uses metaphor and symbolism extensively in ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’, developing deeper and more complex meanings from a superficially simple poem. Frost’s own analysis contributes greatly to our appreciation of the importance of metaphor, claiming that â€Å"metaphor [is] the whole of thinking,† inviting the reader to interpret the beautiful scene in a more profound way. However, the multitude of possible interpretations sees it being read as either carefully crafted lyricRead MoreAnalysis Of Stopping By The Woods923 Words   |  4 PagesEssay Introduction Stopping by the woods and Acquainted with the Night written by Robert Frost. The poem Stopping by the woods shows us that the setting of the poem is in a dark which is also the darkest night of the year in snowy forest. This poem also teaches us the overall theme of the poem which is a life lesson and the lesson is that life should be lived to its fullest and not by using shortcuts, and that people should view their life positively. The poem Acquainted with the Night shows usRead MoreUse of Nature in Poetry Essay example1728 Words   |  7 Pageslanguage for example imagery and metaphors. In addition, the poets use the natural landscape in their attempt to explore the philosophical questions. Therefore, this essay will explore the forms that have been used by the poets in writing poems using the natural landscape. The essay will be based on poems such as ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost, ‘Ode to the West Wind’ by Shelley and ‘Swa n and Shadow’ by John Hollanders. The poets use different styles and techniques in writing

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The Impacts of the Emergence of Sociology on the Works of...

The emergence of sociology as a discipline is a result of the social, economic, political and technological developments in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In this essay, the adequacy of this viewpoint will be analysed by pointing out these developments and highlighting their impact on the works of Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx and Max Weber. The three are considered because they are regarded as the pioneers of sociology. Furthermore, the relevance of the early work of the above to modern sociology will be highlighted. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was a period characterised by large population growth coupled with a large demographic shift. This was aided by technological innovations such as the development of railroads and the steam engine. The demographic shift was mainly to urban areas where there was rapid growth and development in the manufacturing industry. The developments were driven by curious scientists and professionals who were extending the influence of large institutions, in biology, banking and etc., to larger portions of the society. The consequence was the emergence of a capitalist society. The chaos and social disorder that resulted from the series of political revolutions ushered in by the French Revolution in 1789 disturbed many early social theorists. While they recognized that a return to the old order was impossible, they sought to find new sources of order in societies that had been traumatized by dramatic political changes. SocialismShow MoreRelatedMarx, Durkheim, Weber and Simmel on the Development of Capitalist Society and the Demise of Individualism3246 Words   |  13 PagesMarx, Durkheim, Weber and Simmel on the Development of Capitalist Society and the Demise of Individualism Theorists began to recognize capitalism as pre-industrial society developed economically and major social changes began to occur. Modernization resulted in industrialization, urbanization and bureaucratization as the workplace shifted from the home to the factory, people moved from farms into cities where jobs were more readily available and large-scale formal organizations emerged. ClassicalRead MoreThe Key Ideas of the Enlightenment Essay1865 Words   |  8 Pagesconcepts of the ‘Enlightenment’ also known as â€Å"The Age of Reasonâ€Å" that occurred from the 16th and 17th century, before considering the manner in which it helped to shape the sociological view on societies and how it has linked to the birth of sociology. Before doing so I will give a brief historical context. All the profound questioning that emerged during the Enlightenment came out of the undermining of the old Catholic authority over all social truth that was produced by the Reformation whenRead MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesstruggles have enabled us to survive and thrive This page intentionally left blank Foreword One of the most useful things about Ennis Edmondss Rastafari: From Outcasts to Culture Bearers is that it correctly traces the connection between the emergence of Rastafarianism and the history of resistance and black consciousness that has been part of the Jamaican experience for years. The truth is that there has always been a committed Jamaican counter- culture that celebrates and sees redemption inRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesa text that will give a good idea of the breadth and complexity of this important subject, and this is precisely what McAuley, Duberley and Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of work that today qualify as constituting the subject of organisational theory. Whilst their writing is accessible and engaging, their approach is scholarly and serious. It is so easy for students (and indeed others who should know better) to trivialize this

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Srinivasa Ramanujan Ramanujan was born in India to a poor family in Erode, a city in Madras state. His father was a clerk and his mother a deeply religious housewife. None of these facts reflect who Ramanujan really was. We will write a custom essay sample on Srinivasa Ramanujan or any similar topic only for you Order Now He was a brilliant, self-taught mathematician whose ideas caught the attention of some of the prolific mathematicians of his time to include G. H. Hardy. In this short biography we will cover both his life and his contributions to mathematics. As stated earlier, he was born in south India to a poor family but they were still respectable in the community. This gave Ramanujan the opportunity to attend school and begin learning elementary Mathematics. He was quickly realized as a truly brilliant student with most of his talent directed towards mathematics. Interestingly, his family would sometimes take in student boarders and one of them gave him a trigonometry text when he was twelve and he mastered it within a year. In 1903 he was awarded a scholarship to attend the Government College at Kumbakonam. He spent all of his time studying mathematics and ended up failing his other subjects and lost his scholarship and dropped out. He married Janaki in 1909 and acquired a job as a clerk. While the position did not pay much it allowed him much time to concentrate on his research. Ramanujan went to Cambridge in 1914, despite the great strides he made in his work in corroboration Hardy and Littlewood it took a great toll on his body. Ramanujan, being devout to his religion did not eat meat and the lack of quality vegetarian food in England and his long working hours were hard on his body. In 1917, Ramanujan was hospitalized with what was thought to be tuberculosis. While continually working from his hospital bed, he did not show enough improvement to make the trip back to India until 1919. Even with the best medical care available in India, Ramanujan died on April 29, 1920 at the age of 32. Ramanujan’s genius in mathematics is still represented today. His impact on Number Theories, Modular Forms, Statistical Mechanics, and other branches of mathematics have made great contributions not only in math but also in physics and computer science. Ramanujan’s style and methods of mathematics developed from his earlier studies in trigonometry and Carr’s volume of theorems. In his own works, Ramanujan looked for such formulas or identities that he saw in Carr’s works. In his earlier work, when he found a formula or answer he felt to be true by his own mathematical intuition and therefore he provided few proofs for his results. In his works with Hardy, they made great progress in the theory of partitions. â€Å"The partition function p(n); is the function of a positive integer n which is a representation of n as a sum of strictly positive integers. Thus p(1)= 1, p(2)= 2, p(3)= 3, p(4)= 5 ,p(5)= 7, p(6)= 11. (Denbath 628) In some of his last work before his death, Ramanujan discovered what is now known as the Mock Theta Functions. Mock functions are q series with exponential singularities such that the arguments terminate for some power. Srinivasa Ramanujan was a man dedicated to mathematics and had a true love for it. He was also a man entrenched in his religion and a deep commitment to his family. He consistently wanted to improve the education in his community and showed much interest in the poor and orphans who needed help getting an education. With all of the accomplishments and accolades that are attached to his name the truth of who Ramanujan was as a mathematician and a person makes him truly a one of a kind person in history. Works Cited Watkins, Thayer. â€Å"Srinivasa Ramanujan, a Mathematician Beyond Compare. † San Jose University, n. d. Web. 19 November 2012. Debnath, Lokenath. â€Å"Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920) and the Theory of Partitiions of Numbers and Statistical Mechanics a Centennial Tribute. † J. Math. Math Sci. Vol. 10 No. 4 (1987): 625-640. Web. 19 November 2012. How to cite Srinivasa Ramanujan, Papers

Managerial Role free essay sample

Even though the employees are the prime workers in any organisations managers have to manage their employees and even he has to manage the external atmosphere at and around the organisation to run the organisation in an admirable path and their by achieving the predetermined goals. Here I would like to present the manager’s job in an organisation with an example of an interview and with my research work. I took an interview from a manager of software Solutions Company a small scale information technology based company in Australia. hile interviewing him we come across some of the important qualities of a manager According to him a manager should have a good academic qualifications like a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in any of the administrative fields, unless and until if a manager have a good academics he may not be able to solve academic problems in his company. He should also have good communicative skills and interactive skills, marketing ability, managing the customers and a good personality. R. W. Griffin defines manager as a person who first of all is responsible for realization of management process. In particular manager is â€Å"the person, that makes plans and decisions, organizes, supervises and controls human, finance and information resources† (Griffin 2000). I totally agree to the above statements as they said a manager should have a good academic qualification and he even should have a good personality to operate all the above mentioned functions. Unless a manager possesses them he/she can’t keep his company in a better position. He also stated that he has to interact with many people in his day to day life as his company is an IT based company deals with the problems in the technological aspects in hardware and software. He should have proper capability to face many new customers in his day to day life and to a lot his employees for the solution of the customers’ problem. He should attend the customer in his own office or at other private places in favour of customers’ flexibility. He has to take care of his employees, the resources he is utilizing, the marketing staff, more important the customers who are their bread and butter. Doing this he has to keep an eye on the technical advances in his field and on his competitors. So here I understand that managers’ job is much crucial job in any company and he has to be in up-to-date at things that are happening at and around his company. Many managers attain success by coordinating his/her employee effect, in turn obtaining success to the organisation. He states that in his list of people he has to interact in his everyday life the customers are his prime concern because they the main source of the companies’ income unless a customer satisfied with the employees work, he would not pay the amount. So in this relation I came to know that there exists a mutual benefit relationship between the customer and the company hence it is a good example for reciprocal relationship. â€Å"The needs to better understand customer behaviour and the interest of many managers to focus on those customers who can deliver long-term profits have changed how marketers view the world† (Russell S. Winer). The author says that consumers can change the performance of a market and the running style of an organisation hence a good manager should always keep his eye on such type of consumers. Next comes his employees, a good manager should maintain a good interaction with his employees. According to him â€Å"a good manager should look after their employees and he should be their well-wisher†. He says that a good interaction between a manager and his employees builds up a positive energy in the workplace results in better performance of the employee leading to success of the employee as well as the company. He even said that he will help his employees in various ways like allotting them regular and flexible working hours, monitoring their work, giving feedback whenever necessary and solving their issues regarding their work and in their lives. This shows there exists a reciprocal relationship with in them. He said that he has only 4 regular employees working currently with him and hires others whenever necessary. According to Katuria. M in his article named â€Å"three ways to built successful employee manager relationship† he stated that â€Å"the only relationship more important to an organisation than the ustomer-company relationship is the manager- employee relationship and according to the exit interview the no. 1 reason people leave their job is because of their improper relationship with the manager†. Going through all the above conversation I totally agree to both of them and I strictly believe in good manager- employee relationship which aids in success of the com pany and its employees. â€Å"An organisation grows and evolves new positions are added, senior managers have to find a way to tie all these departments together. Coordination refers to the quality of collaboration across the departments. It is required whether there is a functional, divisional or term structure†. (Draft 2012) this statement explains the most responsible duty of a manager in a growing company. It tells us that in a rapidly growing company the managers play a important role that is he has to do division and interlinking the departments there by forming more and more stronger work unit which helps them in solving more complex problems. When dealing with the suppliers he gave me the information that he is connected to many suppliers in his place and even in the Melbourne. As the company is based on the problems and solutions coming in the information technology, they have to be provided with plenty of resources. They need various types of computer spare parts, softwares and many advanced features which were been provided to them by many suppling companies. Even they dealings with vast companies like Harvey Norman etc. He explained me the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining such large groups of suppliers. Ha stated that trust is the main factor that works between suppliers and the company administrator. Many transactions run based on the trust philosophy only. Unless they trust a supplier and use their products they can’t run the company in some situations. I support this statement that trust is the main part of the business. I can state that trust should exist not only between a supplier and the management but also at all the levels in the business sector that is it should be in between the consumer-organisation-supplier. â€Å"Supplier Relationship Management is an all-inclusive approach to managing the affairs and interactions with the organizations that supply your company with goods and services. This includes communications, business practices, negotiations, methodologies and software that are used to establish and maintain a relationship with a supplier. Benefits include lower costs, higher quality, better forecasting and less tension between the two entities that result in a win-win relationship† (Bucki. j). The author explains us that for any company the supplier management relation should be in such a way that there is a benefit from both the sides and the tools were developed to reduce the work related problems between the supplier and the managers in the company who look after all these raw materials. I totally believe with the above discussions because unless there is an adequate amount of raw materials for a company they cannot reach the level of customer satisfaction which is their main goal and the supplier also has to be loyal to the company and supply the raw materials in time there by maintaining a mutual benefit relationship between them. The next I am going to discuss the other important environmental factor the labour market. In this case as the manager already stated that he hires the employees whenever he needs, in explanation to this he gave me the information that when his regular staff are not sufficient to complete a task which was assigned to them he hires some of the software professionals from the employment centres for a shorter period of time and assigns them to work with his regular employees. Without strategic planning it is unlikely that any organisation will be able to meet successfully numerous challenges that face them† (Bryson. j. m). This shows that planning and organisation is the main crucial duties of a manager. Manager has to plan the project prior to its start and distribute the work to his employees accordingly. If a manager fails to perform this step in his level he/she may not be able to reach the target level and fails in leading the organisation and its staff. Finally for an organisation to run in the way of profits and to sustain in this present competitive word the manager has to look after many types of environmental factors some of them which are prime concerned are discussed above the other factors which influence the organisation are Technology, Natural, Sociocultural, Economic, Legal, Political, International (all of these come under external environment) and Culture management. (Draft, R. L) in my opinion manager should have the capability in controlling all these environmental factors. This company having limited employees and being a small scale company the external environmental factors may not have such a great influence. Among them only the technology has a powerful impact because it is purely a software solution company so the employees and the manager should beware of the changing trends in the technology and should be in up to date daily. Recommendations: Keeping in mind the whole interview and with my research I would like to recommend some changes this organisation should implement for better progress they are 1. Increase the employee work ratio. 2. Use of the labour market for hiring the employees should be stopped because the information in the company regarding the projects and codes should be within the company. 3. Instead of hiring the employees from the outside try to increase the regular employees which helping him in planning the work and confidentiality 4. Being a software company I think he should organise some conferences such that his employee will get more latest technical skills 5. As the work hours were longer during the day he has to create work life balance to his employees and for him he. 6. Customer satisfaction should be increased to transform this to a large scale company. Conclusion: Finally I conclude that the environmental factors influence on any organisation is very much crucial and the managerial staff any company should keep an eye on it in order to run the organisation in an admirable way. Various people who are in close relation to the organisation should work together for the mutual benefit of the organisation as well as them.

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Preventing Corporate Espionage

Questions: Complete the following projects from your textbook: Project 1: Preventing Corporate Espionage Write a brief essay comparing and contrasting those guidelines against the ones given in this chapter. Keep in mind that the guidelines in this chapter relate specifically to corporate espionage and not to general computer security. Project 2: Handling Employees Write a brief essay describing steps regarding the handling of employees. These steps should include all steps that you believe any organization should take to prevent corporate espionage. It is important that you support your opinions with sources and reasons. If possible, visit a company and talk with someone in either the IT or personnel departments to determine How that company handles issues such as employee termination, rotation of duties, control of access to data, and so forth. Compare and contrast your steps to those used by the company you visited. Project 3: Asset Identification in Your Organization Using the Asset Identif ication table found in this chapter or a similar table of your own design, identify the most valuable data in your organization (school or business) and what parties would most likely wish to access that data. Then write a brief guideline on how you might go about securing that data. In this project, you should tailor your security recommendations to the specific type of data you are trying to protect and against the most likely perpetrators of industrial espionage. Answers: Project 1 preventing corporate espionage Espionage is basically used to collect the important data and information. In an industrial espionage thief are stored the confidential data and information and used these data for their own purpose thus the industrial espionage are generally used for the commercial propose (Winkler, 1997). From the study of it is seen that the foreign adversaries is stored and accessed the US data and information and the expert used sensitive technology for the purpose of capturing those data. Thus in order to protect and prevent the corporate espionage organization should have to identify their own information and provides the effective corporate programs in electronics, oral and visuals to protect the information. It is observed that the all of the informing and data which is stolen by the hackers in physical form, thus the organization have to share all the data and information; thus the regular shredding methods is used to prevent the organization data and information (Icove, Seger VonStorch, 1 995). Apart from that organization needs to avoid the printing proprietary, provides the physical security, using the copy proof technology and also applied the enterprise right management techniques. However to protect the better security organization needs to used better monitoring polices by that they protect their efficient data and information because monitoring techniques works on the principle to see all the upcoming and outgoing data and information. Apart from that data deeding, data leakage, piggyback tracking, modeling and wire tapping also helps the organization to prevent the threat of corporate espionage. There are several steps are available that helps the organization to prevent the corporate espionage. To identify the risks assessment and potential risks To implement the safety procedure and polices in the organization database Control destruction and storage areas Project 2. handling employees Organization needs to used the access control techniques to control how system and users are communicate and intranet with each other and access the resources; access is also known as the flow of the information and data between the object and subject (Thompson Chadwick, 1999). Access control provides the facility to the organization to restrict, control, protect and monitor the resource integrity, confidentially and availability. Job rotations, separation of the duties are the best practices of security organization structure. Job rotation techniques are used by the management in which people or workers are moved from one assessment to another assignments or one place to another places. Separation is the techniques in which more than one individual are completed the tasks within the time frame also known as the separation of the power, political realm and segregation of the jobs. Custody, authorization, stored data and information and reconciliation are the four functions of segreg ation of the jobs or duties. In additions these methods helps the organization to reduce the damage and achieved the organization goals and objective in an organized or effective manner. Steps to visit the company Project 3. Asset identification in the organization For organization perspective and data and information are most important elements or assets. Apart from that employees are also play the critical role and treated as important resources. Stakeholders, management are also the asset used by the organization. Thus from above report and interview it is seen that the organization keep their report and all information in the database for future used. Data and information are used by the organization to take the decision in an critical situation; thus in order to conduct and secure the data and information organization needs to secure their database where they store all the information related to the organization and their workers data. Firstly organization needs to secure their network and provides the proxy server in the networks because transmission of the information and data are done through the Network. In addition organization needs to require identify the vulnerable areas and also required to classify the valuable and sensitive info rmation (O'Gara, 2004). Thus in order to secure the data and information organization needs to update their security approaches and polices and make strong password. Apart from that, training and development also required to protect and utilized their data and information in an effective and efficient manner. Apart from that organization has to implement the print encryption techniques in its database it helps the organization to protect their sensitive and valuable data, in techniques print the valuable data with encryption format and these data and information are decrypt by those persons who possess the permission or authority to access and view the data and information (Sun Hu, 2011). References Icove, D., Seger, K., VonStorch, W. (1995). Computer crime. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Associates. O'Gara, J. (2004). Corporate fraud. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Sun, J., Hu, Y. (2011). Identity-based Broadcast Encryption Scheme Using the New Techniques for Dual System Encryption. Journal Of Electronics Information Technology, 33(5), 1266-1270. doi:10.3724/sp.j.1146.2010.01017 Thompson, A., Chadwick, R. (1999). Genetic information. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. Winkler, I. (1997). Corporate espionage. Rocklin, CA: Prima Pub.

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A Ryan Air Report Tourism Essay Example

A Ryan Air Report Tourism Essay Introduction Ryan Air is a British based low-priced air hose that operates in the leisure travel industry, which makes up for 40 % of its operations. ( Beginning: Michael OLeary, Ryan Air Chairman ) . Ryan Air as an air hose operator has a huge where bulk of its usage in the leisure touristry industry. This study will concentrate on Ryan Air s strengths and capablenesss every bit good as its failing and possible menaces to its concern. A general analysis will be carried out on the air hose to place what cardinal issues faced by air hose besides an rating of the air travel industry will be looked at. The rating will look at possible menaces within the industry and what effects it might hold on Ryan Air in footings of profitableness. The study will besides look into what the industrial environment has to offer and that which Ryan Air as a concern can capitalize and utilize to its advantage. Finally the study will place selling schemes of how best to implement its operations in order to raise its game and enable the concern to be more competitory. 2.0 Strategic Environment Political issues We will write a custom essay sample on A Ryan Air Report Tourism specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on A Ryan Air Report Tourism specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on A Ryan Air Report Tourism specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer EU statute law Governments Labor markets Social Changing consumer attitudes towards work and leisure Lifestyle alterations Economic Competition Technological Online system ( s ) Legal Regulation The environment in which Ryan Air operates in has become so greatly influenced by the PESTEL model. It is of import from a company position to look at this model and be able to analyze state of affairs in which it may happen itself both in its micro and macro environments. 2.1 Political Ryan Air and its concern has been greatly affected by political state of affairs in its industry late, the most powerful force that has affected the air hose is that of EU statute law. The air hose industry has been greatly affected by statute law late so much so that in Ryan Air instance it has decided to end one of its paths ( Brussels Charleroi to London ) because of the EU ruled that the air hose had been having illegal inducements to wing the path. This is a negative matter fore the air hose, which ruled the determination as a disaster . The ordinance is a cardinal issue for the company in that call offing the path which antecedently has flown daily means a 10 % bead in flights from Charleroi. This is a definite menace to the air hose because as Mr. OLeary puts it these capacity decreases are bad intelligence for clients at Brussels Charleroi ( Beginning: www.news.bbc.co.uk ) However the biggest concern for the air hose will be the estimated 4million Euros the company has bee n ordered to payback as a consequence of the opinion. What seems even more distressing for the air hose is the sentiment from certain members of the imperativeness seem to believe that the air hose was let off rather lightly. A subdivision of the European imperativeness reappraisal commented the air hose comes out rather good and matters could hold been worse . ( Beginning: Swiss Le Temps ) The opinion seems to come at a bad clip for consumers in that it threatens to set monetary values up. A rise in monetary values may reflect to a menace to Ryan Air in that consumers may exchange to other inexpensive alternate methods of travel for the path. Ryan Air has pushed the issue of constructing a new airdrome terminus in Dublin, the air hose has urged Aer Rianta ( Irish Airports Authority ) to halt haltering the state s recovery through what it calls a monopoly on landing charges and paths. This is a cardinal issue for Ryan Air in that it is an chance for the air hose to work and with its success can maximize profitableness and enable cost efficiency. In February, the authorities approved the building of the new edifice nevertheless the recommends the terminus to be run by Aer Rianta much to the disillusion of the Airline who have declared an involvement in building and running the terminus. Ryan Air sees the chance of a new terminus as a opportunity for cheaper landing charges and faster turnaround times . The air hose sees what it calls a monopoly as inefficient , high-cost ; it believes the civil servant-run airdrome shackles Ireland opportunities of hiking its touristry industry. ( Beginning: www.news.bbc.co.uk ) Furthe r possible chances have been handed to Ryan Air in July Ireland Minster for Sports, Education and Tourism allocated the amount of 3m euros to hike Irish touristry to the abroad market. This is an chance for the air hose because with proper usage of the allocated financess its success will pull more touristry to the part and therefore more possible clients for Ryan Air. 2.2 Social Mintel Analysts have carried out studies and it seems that Britishers have more clip to save . Analysts carried out studies in 2004 37 % of Britons want more vacations and 45 % said they would wish to pass more clip with their households. It might be safe to state that this reflects alterations in attitudes of possible consumers. This is an chance for Ryan Air and so a cardinal issue because it can heighten the air hoses profitableness. Appoint which was further emphasised by the fact that outgo in abroad vacations has more than doubled between 1993 and 2003 from ?9bn to ?20bn. ( Beginning: Mintel ) 2.3 Economic Ryan Air has faced addition competition because of the EU opinion against them sing the Brussels Charleroi issue. The air hose finally decided to axe the path get downing on the 29 April 2004, the consequence of Ryan Air drawing out of the path has opened doors for two new rivals who have decide to get down winging from that path. Axis Airways ( a Gallic house ) and Air Polonia ( Polish Airliner ) regional beginnings said that the EU opinion has helped the sign languages. This is an obvious menace to Ryan Air because of the obvious loss of concern of one of its most flown paths due to the fact that it has the lowest menu. Monsieur Serge Kubla, the economic Minister thinks the airdrome had been seeking to diversify the airdromes activities by pulling air hoses other than Ryan Air. There has yet been more bad intelligence for the air hose with its chief challenger ( in footings of options ) for the path has seen a significant addition in riders PRNewswire studies that Eurostar saw a record one-fourth of rider Numberss as travelers continued to exchange from air hoses. The study besides states that in February 2004 the Eurostar had seen an addition on the London Paris path market portion of 66 % from 58 % of the same period the old twelvemonth and even more so for the London Brussels route 52 % compared to the old twelvemonth s 38 % . The study states that air hoses such as Ryan Air, EasyJet and BA have experienced a loss of about 11 % . The study states that this is a consequence of air hoses cut downing the figure of flights operated between London and Brussels. ( www.independent.co.uk ) Economic downswing is speed uping the reorganization of most markets Indeed, it is merely with the recent coming together of the engineering revolution, the economic squeezing and the deregulating of markets that the existent impact is being felt. From air hoses to mortgages, from energy to frost pick, many industries are being shaken inverted by the new market kineticss. Whilst British Airways struggles to happen infinite to last, Ryan Air and Go are reshaping the economic sciences and outlooks of air hoses 2.4 Technology A cardinal issue for Ryan Air is the consequence of engineering on its operations ; the air hose uses the Internet for most of its engagements. Ryan Air would be badly affected were it system to crash or a virus. Ryan Air gain the importance of puting in engineering, Ryan Air s MIS director Martin Nygard, states Our IT systems are critical to the success of our concern . With Ryan Air.com one of the most visited web sites in Europe the air hose have chosen Systemhouse Technology Group to procure its computing machine systems all around Europe from Viruses. Nygard states If something were to impact our booking systems or our Call Centres, our clients could nt purchase their tickets If cardinal sections such as flight operations and technology ca nt entree their computing machine systems 247 so our aircraft would remain on the land. 3.0 Constraints and Capabilities 3.1 Competitive competition Ryan Air competes in the low-priced sector of the air hose industry, which is rather competitory. Ryan Air faces competition from air hoses such as EasyJet, Go and Buzz every bit good as other low-priced budget air hoses. Potential entrants into the low cost sector at the minute seem to be Virgin, proprietor Sir Richard Branson plans to drift Virgin Blue ( Virgin Low cost option ) and plans to establish its low-priced air hose venture in mid 2004. With the industry expected to turn new entrants are likely and competition will go rather ferocious. With all these factors, it is just to state that competitory competition in this sector is rather high. 3.2 Menace of entrants With the expected explosive growing of the market it likely to state the menace of entrants is rather likely, this has been farther enabled with EU deregulating. However any entrants into the market have to be major participants with fiscal backup to be able to vie with established names like Ryan Air and EasyJet. Although new entrants coming into the market is likely the menace it poses to Ryan Air is rather moderate due to the demand for significant fiscal backup 3.3 Menace of replacements In footings of replacements Ryan Air s chief competition will come from Rail links like the Eurostar and the fast rail nexus between Madrid and Seville. The other alternate agencies of travel, which can present a menace to Ryan Air, is travel by ferry. The turning country of concern for the air hose might be the fact Eurostar is basking an increased period of growing in footings of rider Numberss, which will ache the Paris, Brussels, and Charleroi paths. The menace of permutation might be further increased with the fact that British consumers have to an extent become in favor of vacationing within the state. In recent old ages the British have tended to see topographic points like Butlins, Blackpool and a host of other holiday locations within the UK. Ryan Air s response is its program to increase siting capacity in order to cut down costs and increase rider Numberss. Seemly it can be said that even though rail travel has experienced an addition it can be said that the menace of repl acements will be rather low due to the trouble of rail monetary values viing with low cost air hose monetary values. 3.4 Buyer power In the industry purchaser power seems to be high, because of the huge figure of purchasers within the sector. There seems to be an addition in rider Numberss in the low-priced air hose sector. With Ryan Air ruling the European selling low cost travel and seemly decreasing cost borders. It offers a certain chance for the air hose for farther enlargement and so market growing. There are besides rather a few operators in the industry such as EasyJet, Go and Buzz. This makes the market topographic point more competitory for monetary value as purchasers tend to look around for the best monetary value. 3.5 Supplier Power Ryan Air relies on Boeing to provide the aeroplanes and Rolls Royce for the engine parts. However Ryan Air are able to set up a clear advantage of challengers because it owns it planes alternatively of renting them. By having their aircraft Ryan Air is able to capitalize on care costs whereas renting would coerce the company into seting money aside which would blow up their care histories. The air hose has had increased orders from Boeing through which it has gained economic systems of graduated table. However Boeing is able to set up great supplier power due to the fact that most low cost air hoses favour the 737 scopes of aircraft. Ryan Air additions cost advantage because it burns less fuel capacity in comparing to hanker draw flights nevertheless this means that they are besides less capable of go throughing on cost ( of fuel monetary value addition ) to their monetary value witting section. In footings of provider power it can be said that Ryan Air have a reasonably low to medi um supplier power. 4.0 Key competences Ryan Air operations and concern endurance are based around one simple factor diminish cost borders . Bing able to remain in front of the game means being able to set up cardinal competences or competitory advantage ( s ) that can non be duplicated ( and if so ) with great trouble by challengers. Mr. OLeary believes the air hose s chief advantage on its challengers remains the ability to accomplish 25-minute turnarounds . ( Beginning: Financial times ) He suggests Ryan Air is able to run to two more flight runs that its challenger BA, he believe it is the air hose s most of import cost advantage . This is surely a cardinal competency for the air hose and one, which BA has non been able to double. In footings of other challengers such as EasyJet or Go, they excessively have schemes based on cost borders but have non been able to double them every bit good as Ryan Air have. The ultimate ground why Ryan Air still maintains its place as Europe s elite low cost air hose. Bing able to se t up a nucleus competency in within the market place depends on the ability to be able to set up Critical Success Factors ( CSFs ) . In Ryan Air s instance their CSFs are as follows Operational Excellence. Delivering quality service rapidly and for a sensible monetary value Operational excellence involves supplying the lowest-cost goods and services while at the same time understating jobs for the client. Ryan Air has continued to successfully decrease costs though different stairss and class of action. They decided to exchange 70 % of its Birmingham Airport Traffic to Nottingham East Airport as a cost step to counter what has been described as a 100 % addition in track charges. ( www.bbc.co.uk ) Management of efficient minutess. For greater efficiency and velocity, processes between providers and the administration are frequently integrated. Management of efficient minutess this relates to Ryan Air s ability O negotiate favorable rates with airdromes the air hose has been able to negociate. This might be the ground why Ryan Air s challengers welcomed the intelligence of the Brussels s determination. ABN Amro air power analyst said he expected to the opinion to do a fall in Ryan Air s net incomes . The statute law has put Ryan Air s capableness to negociate favorable trades in the hereafter. Analysts say that the opinion could gyrate and impact on other trades across Europe. Dedication to measurement systems. Ryan Air seems dedicated to operational excellence proctor and step all procedures, continually seeking for ways to cut down cost and better both service and quality. Ryan Air stays in front of the game by being able to double what it does best and that is by cut downing costs. It continually finds ways to cut down costs even though it has been criticised for some of its policies. As portion of its policy of continual cost decrease Ryan Air antecedently charged riders for utilizing a wheelchair a policy which was challenged in tribunal which led to Ryan Air adding a surcharge of 50p for each ticket to pay for the tribunal opinion which order the air hose to offer a free wheelchair service. Part of the air hose s continual policy has been to size up different airdromes in order to go on to cut down costs. The company in the last twelvemonth have discontinue traffic to specific airdromes every bit good as move to different airdromes in hunt of better economic systems. 5.0 Ryan Air primary and secondary activities Ryan Air has the ability to associate its primary activity of winging planes at a low cost to both its concern and its clients with well-balanced support activities that help understate cost to operations. Ryan Air s capablenesss are based on good direction and efficient cost operations. 5.1 Ryan Air Primary Activities Inbound logistics Supplier dialogues Ryan Air has been able to drive down provider costs by assuring big and continually turning projected rider Numberss. It is stated that Ryan Air continued effectivity is down to the negotiated contracts between the air hose and its providers. Part of the ground why Ryan Air has continued with its vigorous enlargement ( to heighten rider growing ) is down to the fact that it negotiated in order to procure lower monetary values from its providers. Operationss Flying to secondary airdromes The air hoses policy of winging to secondary and therefore less busy airdromes is a policy adopted by most low cost air hoses. However Ryan Air has managed to negociate favorable conditions in most of the airdromes it operates from. It has managed to renegociate airdrome care and managing contracts with its providers in return for presenting increased growing. Ryan Air besides has a limited fleet and its pilots fly more air stat mis compared to other challengers. This establishes a competitory advantage over most challengers because the fleet get paid based on public presentation and how many sectors ( within ordinance ) they fly daily ; this helps to understate costs and maximize efficiency. Outbound logistics It has set-up client links with its operations through the utilizations on technological promotion. Ryan Air s purpose has been to convey their services at the client s fingertips. This is besides one of the grounds it continues to bask its topographic point as the figure one in the no-frills sector. Selling and gross revenues Online engagements, limited usage of travel bureau services and monetary value publicities 90 % of Ryan Air s selling and gross revenues is done online this is why the air hose has invested to a great extent in anti-virus systems. The air hose has been able to derive a competitory advantage is because the online engagement system brings the air hose closer to the client . Knowing clients closely and working closely with spouses gives Ryan Air a clear advantage. Servicess low in-flight service Like all low cost air hoses Ryan Air provides a low in flight service, nevertheless the air hose sheds its costs by undertaking out services such as aircraft handling, fining and luggage handling. The air hose is able to command quality and safety at a minimal cost by undertaking out engine and heavy care work under its supervising. 5.2 Ryan Air support services Firm Infrastructure Ryan Air chief central office is based in Dublin, Ireland where rents are comparatively low compared to topographic points like Central London. It has other little regional offices ( bases ) around Britain and programs to open some abroad in topographic points like Sweden and Germany. Its concern operations are chiefly on the Internet, which reduces operations cost. The air hoses ability to understate its costs of operation frees up needed financess to drive its selling run, this puts it in a good place to work the market. Ryan Air operates 125 paths and has 9 bases ( 7 of which are non-home state ) . ( Beginning: www.Ryan Air.com ) Human resource direction The air hose recruits staff online and it is the lone manner the return on new staff, it has been known to bear down appliers recruitment fees . Its fleet operates a public presentation wage construction ; its fleet is rather limited because the air hose chooses to contract out services as a manner of deriving a competitory cost advantage over its challengers. Technology development The air hose has based a significant bulk of its engagements online every bit good as puting in anti-virus systems to protect its computing machine web booking system. It has besides taken steps such as puting up a call line known as Ryan Air Direct where clients use a telephone line to do engagements. The usage of technological promotions has allowed Ryan Air go direct to the client. Another selling tool the air hose hour angle implemented is besides a set-up a little dependence on travel agents to counter engineering failure and hazards with opening unfamiliar markets. The technological promotions have been cardinal to Ryan Air operations Procurement The air hose has been able to derive a competitory advantage through the dialogue of favorable trades. E.g. the air hose has been able to negociate the a trade which Boeing partially financess for retraining of pilots from the Boeing 737-200 to the 737-800 ( which it late acquired 50 ) . ( Beginning: Davy Stockbrokers ) 5.3 Importance of benchmarking activities Vs. Environment Market schemes are about choosing and suppressing the emerging landscapes. Implementing these schemes can be important to an administration. Selling schemes are about alining administrations to accomplish this, competitively and commercially. This requires strict analysis coupled with originative thought: to look beyond today s boundaries, to map out the best future beginnings of hard currency, to hold the assurance to travel where cipher else has gone, to do the instance for it in commercial linguistic communication, and to show the impact on long-run stockholder value. In for Ryan Air to accomplish this mammoth undertaking it has to benchmark its strength and failings to that of its environment. It has to analyze these environmental factors in order to be able to analyze its place within the industry and therefore put it in an advantageous place. Once Ryan Air has identified its place so it can continue in implementing selling schemes that can vouch its concern success and therefore maximize its potency. 6.0 Use of strength and weaknesses Vs. Environment Environment developments Strengths and failings EU ordinance Potential industry growing Increased consumer demand Changing environment ( Work vs. leisure ) Strengths The air hose has had to cover with EU ordinance every bit good as deregulating in recent old ages. It has managed to utilize its capablenesss through efficient operations direction to cover with job The budget industry is experience a period of possible growing. With that growing lies a great trade of chances for Ryan Air which it actively seems to be working with its ain rapid growing and with its place as market leader the air hose is absolutely positioned Increased demand in budget air hoses has lead to rapid enlargement by Ryan Air. Ryan Air continues to use cost control measures ( farther low frills ) in favor of more seats on planes. The rich person besides order a new scope of fleet all which are steps to get by with increased demand Analyst studies show an addition in leisure clip spent. This presents the air hose with an chance for more air travel. Ryan Air has punctually responded by taking a figure of market based determinations in order to consolidate its place in the industry Failings Ryan Air s policy of cost control has finally put the air hose at hazard. EU ordinance ruled subordinates it negotiated in Brussels as improper. The companies. Being excessively cost witting has finally put Ryan Air in a place of menace from challengers. Ryan Air announced it is to retreat free ice with paid for drinks farther addition no frills. This is an obvious menace for the air hose with challengers adding fringe benefits and major air hoses dismissing. Increased consumer demand has forced addition traffic, with Ryan Air pilots forced to wing more hours compared to rival pilots. An issue that continues to exasperate trade brotherhoods ( which Ryan Air employees do non belong ) further making labour market jobs for the air hose. 7.0 Selling schemes Cardinal selling schemes for Ryan Air is imperative in its chase to keep its position as the taking no-frills air hose. They involve choosing mark client groups and stipulating how to present value to these groups. Segmentation, Targeting, Differentiation and Positioning are all cardinal to effectual digital selling. Ryan Air has base most of its selling schemes by utilizing what is referred to as E-marketing , the air hose has identified its mark as tourists and concern people who are less concerned with the luxuries of travel and are more concerned with get to their finishs every bit speedy as possible as their chief precedence. The chief push of e-marketing scheme is taking determinations on the selective targeting of client groups and different signifiers of value bringing for online channels. Using methods such as Online gross revenues objective scheme Online CRM scheme Online value proposition scheme Online targeted range scheme. Ryan Air can aim clients with the exclusive aim of luring them to purchase online as the breaker the web site. 7.1 Online gross revenues objective Aim: to change over on-line visitants to purchase Focus: Achieving gross revenues online ( May be new or bing clients ) By utilizing this scheme, Ryan Air will promote site visitants to buy-online through selling, publicities, etc. As portion of this scheme, options to change over visitants to action are explored, i.e. first-time purchaser publicities, site design betterments, place page and landing page optimization. Event-triggered, automated electronic mails besides be used to change over possible gross revenues to sale. 7.2 Online CRM scheme Through the usage of this scheme Ryan Air can specifically concentrate on different facets of the client lifecycle for online clients in footings of: Acquisition by planing schemes to derive new clients to the air hose AND migrate bing clients across to online channels. Retention Using on-line channels ( web based ads popups, linkages from web page and web site ) to increase keeping and value of client to company. Reactivation Encouraging continued usage of the air hoses web site ( possibly through rank enrollment ) this might promote clients to maintain revisiting the web site and maintain up to day of the month with information such as publicities taking to subsequent monetary value alterations and/or new flight information. Customer cognition ( familiarity ) larning more about the client through profiling and monitoring of behavior. This once more can be done through client records, which can be easy stored with, and on-line rank nevertheless data protection issues come into drama and Ryan Air must therefore stay by this. 7.3 Online targeted range scheme Aim: To pass on with relevant audiences online to accomplish Ryan Air s communications aims. These aims normally include: Building more trade name consciousness or favourability, driving on-line purchase, list-building or migrating bing clients to online channels. Focus: New client acquisition. This scheme purpose to pass on with selected client sections online identified by the air hose through media bargains, PR, electronic mail, viral runs and sponsorship or partnership agreements. Driven by aims of online audience portion and figure of site visitants in different sections. Philip Kotler supports this scheme of selling, suggesting that marketing s focal point should travel from pulling and retaining clients, to placing and working chances, conveying together markets and thoughts, introducing in the new marketspaces and taking the company with them, instead than gratifying to the bequest demands of worsening spheres.

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Love in all its Forms in †Romeo and Juliet Essay

Love in all its Forms in – Romeo and Juliet Essay Free Online Research Papers Love in all its Forms in Romeo and Juliet Essay The theme of love is probably the most common theme in all literature and Romeo and Juliet is no exception. The theme of love is predominant throughout the entire of play of Romeo and Juliet. There are many different forms of love and Shakespeare incorporates many of them into his â€Å"Romeo and Juliet† play. In â€Å" Romeo and Juliet† Shakespeare brings out the cruel superficial love Romeo has for Rosaline, the bawdy, physical, and sexual love that Shakespeare expressed through Nurse and Mercutio, the contractual love Paris has for Juliet, the compassionate, paternal, and caring love Capulet has for Juliet , and finally the spiritual emotional and true love Romeo and Juliet have for each other. In the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet Romeo is lovesick. He is in love with a girl named Rosaline, a relative of Juliet. Rosaline does not love Romeo back, which causes Romeo to be love sick. Romeo states his love sick and sad feelings by saying â€Å"Why, such is love’s transgressions. Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast, which thou wilt propagate, to have it prest with more of thine. This love that thou hast shown Doth add more grief to too much of mine own (I:I, 33-39). This is an example of the immature and superficial love Romeo has for Rosaline and how he is grieving. Not only is this love for Rosaline superficial, it is also painful love. Romeo says â€Å"With Cupid’s arrow; she hath Dian’s wit; And, in strong proof of chastity well arm’d, from love’s weak childish bow she lives unharmed. She will not stay the siege of love† (I:I, 205-209). This quote wonderfully describes how Rosaline does not love Romeo in return, which results in the cruel love Romeo has for her. This type of love is also a form of unrequited love. Another form of love in Romeo and Juliet is the bawdy type of love. This type of love refers to the physical and sexual form of love. Shakespeare brings out this type of love with two superb and colorful characters. These characters are Mercutio and Nurse, who each in their own demonstrated this kind of love and mindset. Mercutio and Nurse make many bawdy comments throughout the play such as â€Å"An old hare hoar, And an old hare hoar, Is very good meat in lent; But a hare that is hoar, Is too much for a score, when it hoars ere to be spent† (II:IV, 127-132 ). This quote spoken by Mercutio shows how he has quite a bawdy sense of humor and how he tends to focus on the physical side of love. Nurse also brings out the physical side of love in act one, scene three by expressing â€Å"A man, young lady! Lady, such a man As all the world – why, he’s a man of wax†(I:III, 127-132). A â€Å"man of wax† refers to a man of striking beauty, or a man with no imperfections. Paris’ love for Juliet symbolizes another form of love that Shakes brought out in his play of â€Å"Romeo and Juliet†. The love Paris has for Juliet is a contractual love (Novel analysis Romeo and Juliet). Paris does not actually love Juliet for who she, but he loves her for what she is. Paris did not fall in love with Juliet, but he fell in love with her name and title. This kind of love is typical for arranged marriages, such as the marriage that is supposed to happen between Paris and Juliet. Paris does not really know Juliet, he just knows her family’s status in Verona .Arranged marriages were common during these times (LoveToKnow Weddings), so it is no surprise the contractual marriages were common during this time period. (Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet) In certain parts of the play, Lord Capulet comes across to the reader/viewer as a very compassionate man. He demonstrates his compassion mainly towards his daughter, Juliet. In act one, scene two of â€Å"Romeo and Juliet† The County Paris asked Capulet if he can have his daughter Juliet’s hand in marriage. Paris asked Capulet, â€Å"But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?† (I:II, 6). In this time period, a man in Capulet’s position would be very tempted to arrange for his daughter to be married to a man of such high status as Paris. The fact that Capulet thought about Juliet’s well-being and happiness first truly reflects his caring and compassionate paternal love for his daughter Juliet. Capulet shows his compassion for Juliet again in act three by saying In the play, â€Å"Thou counterfeits a bark, a sea, a wind: For still thy eyes, which I may call the sea, Do ebb and flow with tears; the bark thy body is, Sailing in this salt flood; the winds, thy sighs;’† †(I:V, 132-135). This admirable example of an extended metaphor truly expresses Lord Capulet’s paternal love for his daughter. He is concerned over his daughter’s well-being and goodwill. She is crying over Romeo’s exile, and Capulet does not know that this is the real reason. Capulet does not know the real reason why Juliet and assumes that she is mourning for Tybalt, her slain cousin. Finally, Shakespeare brings out the emotional, spiritual and true love Romeo and Juliet have for each other. In Romeo and Juliet this type of love is brought as the superior form of love. When Romeo and Juliet meet, it is love at first sight for both of them. In a very poetic verse at the Capulet, Romeo expresses his feeling for Juliet by saying â€Å"O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel on an Ethiop’s ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows, As yonder lady o’er her fellows shows.† (I:VI, 44-49). Romeo idolizes Juliet and truly loves her. Unlike Romeo immature obsession with Rosaline, Romeo has genuine feelings for Juliet. Juliet also returns this love to Romeo when she says â€Å"Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self, Which is the god of my idolatry, And I’ll believe in thee.† (II:II, 112-114). From then on in, Romeo and Juliet start what turns out to be a passionate relationship. Their love for each other is nothing short of a fairytale romantic love, both being deeply love with each other. Their love for each other symbolizes everything that love should be; romantic, passionate, unselfish, and doing anything to be together. Romeo and Juliet’s superior love for each other causes much strife, and in the end, they end up killing themselves due to Romeo thinking Juliet was dead, when she really wasn’t. When Romeo thinks Juliet is dead, he fell as if he cannot go on, he drinks a poison and dies. Juliet wakes up and finds the dead Romeo and takes his dagger and kills herself. Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other was so strong that neither could go on without the other in their life. Their love is so strong they make the ultimate sacrifices for each other, their own lives. Romeo and Juliet brought out many types of love throughout the play. There was the cruel superficial love Romeo had for Rosaline, the bawdy physical love Shakespeare expressed through Nurse and Mercutio, the contractual love Paris has for Juliet, the compassionate and paternal love Capulet had for Juliet, and last but certainly not least, the emotional, spiritual, and true love Romeo and Juliet shared. In the end, however, the love Romeo and Juliet had for each other comes out as the predominant form of love in the play. There love was tragic, but also so great that it has inspired many writers and dreamers for many generations after Shakespeare’s years. Work cited Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet, Toronto, Harcourt Brace Canada, 1987 Novel Guide, Theme analysis, no date or writer indicated novelguide.com/romeoandjuliet/themeanalysis.html lovetoknow Weddings, History of Weddings, 10 October 2005, no author indicated http://weddings.lovetoknow.com/wiki/History_of_Weddings#Political_Weddings Research Papers on Love in all its Forms in - Romeo and Juliet EssayHonest Iagos Truth through DeceptionComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoWhere Wild and West MeetPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyAnalysis Of A Cosmetics AdvertisementThe Project Managment Office System19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraCapital PunishmentThe Spring and AutumnMind Travel

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Characterize the role of ICTY in developing international criminal law Coursework

Characterize the role of ICTY in developing international criminal law - Coursework Example A few years ago the concept of the establishment of international war crime tribunal seemed unrealistic but now ad hoc tribunals for former Yugoslavia and Rwanda have been established and the development of permanent international criminal court (ICC) is expected soon2. This paper will analyze the role of International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). ICTY was formed under chapter VII of the UN Charter. Under article 39 of the Charter, the Security Council found threat to the international peace and security therefore it was decided to establish a subsidiary unit that assures law enforcement to maintain security and peace internationally under article 7(2) and 41. The tribunal operates independently of political and Security Council considerations3. The United Nations set up ICTY for prosecuting those who were held responsible for committing serious crimes during the war in the former Yugoslavia and put perpetrators on trial for their actions. The purpose of establishing ICTY was to deter military and civil officers in the former Yugoslavia from committing more violent incidents. It was also intended to give a message internationally that those who attempted crimes would meet justice4. The international criminal tribunal (ICTY) was meant to maintain security and peace internationally. Case studies from Yugoslavia, Cambodia, and Rwanda showed that international tribunals have significantly contributed towards the international law and retributive justice. It can further help in reconciliation in other forms of justice and establishing peace. The impact of ICTY on the local public protest also signifies the disparity between local and international perspectives on justice. In Nuremberg and Tokyo practice of the victors’ justice, the role of ICTY has been very significant. It is also asserted that the practice of ICTY is and will continue to

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The relationship between organizational design and service behaviors Essay

The relationship between organizational design and service behaviors in the hospitality industry - Essay Example Literature suggests that customers are the most important stakeholders in the hospitality industry as all operations carried out primarily focus on gratifying the customers’ needs. As the name indicates, providing service profitably to people with consistence in quality and creating an atmosphere to make every individual feel exceptional forms the hallmark of the hospitality industry (Hogan 2008). It is said that this industry is itself a part of a larger group of industries called travel and tourism industry and together hospitality and tourism make up the largest industries in the world (Walker 2009, p. 4). As one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world, a vast amount of research is done as yet to evaluate the implications of organizational structure and service behaviors on the growth and success of this industry. â€Å"The hospitality industry includes the tourism lodgings, the catering companies, as well as the food and beverage departments operating w ithin the lodgings† (Kapiki 2012, p. 2247). In addition to this, other sources suggest that the transportation services which include airlines, cruises, and trains, retail stores, and recreational event planning also makes up giant blocks of the hospitality industry (Kasavana & Brook, 2007). ... helps in managing a smooth experience from check-in to billing (Reinhart 2012) and enables the employers to create a right impression on the community. It not only aids different organizations to maintain long-term success but also guides them to competitively struggle in the fierce marketplace as a way of meeting the customers’ dynamic preferences. Not only is the organizational design or structure the main factor influencing the organizational innovation (Lavado cited in Heydarinejad, Boushehri & Delfani 2011, p. 145) but also there is a growing need to incorporate flexible and organic structures where the personnel is especially trained to treat a diverse customer line and is given empowerment to participate in decision-making processes (Daft cited in Heydarinejad, Boushehri & Delfani 2011, p. 145). In the highly competitive present times, scrutinizing a range of organizational designs and approaches is critically important to retain success by any organization operating in the hospitality industry as a way of facing the competition and addressing the ever-growing demands of the customers (Caruana et al. cited in Heydarinejad, Boushehri & Delfani 2011, p. 145). Regarding the importance of service behaviors in the hospitality industry, it is claimed that â€Å"hospitality employees have the ability to affect the human experience by creating powerful impressions that may last a lifetime† (Walker 2009, p. 4). This is because since hospitality staff is under direct responsibility to serve people from diverse backgrounds, the customers’ future behavioral intentions are affected by the treatment they receive as they continue to get a taste of what the business is all about and how it is handled every time the staff interacts with them (Reinhart 2012). This essay