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How to Become a Successful Pediatrician Essays

How to Become a Successful Pediatrician Essays How to Become a Successful Pediatrician Paper How to Become a Successful Pediatrician Paper What is a pediatrician? A pediatrician is a physician who treats children. The choice to care for children should be based on a love for children and a belief that it is a significant accomplishment to make a difference in a childs life. As a bonus, a pediatrician gets to hold his patients in his arms, to see them grow and change, and years later, to see the adults they have become. Three responsibilities a pediatrician assumes it conducting yearly health history survey, with care plans and intervention guides as appropriate, monitoring immunization compliance and tuberculin skin testing, and developing and implementing the health component of Individual Education Plans. I chose to be a pediatrician because I have a love for children. I have been around children my whole life, we ever I had a little cousin I couldn’t resist just picking them up and they have always brought joy to my day. To be come a pediatrician, after high school I need four years of undergraduate courses at a college or university, which will get me a BS, BA, or other Bachelor degrees. After that I need four years of medical school, which will get me a MD or DO degree. Then after completing that I become a general doctor and have three more years of residency at a local hospital. Then I become a pediatrician and eligible to become certified in pediatrics by passing several tests dealing with medical conditions. The salary for a pediatrician is, while a resident $30,000-$40,000 per year, after residency $100,000-$140,000, then the average pediatrician makes $140,000 a year, but ranging all the way to $300,000 per year. There are many of illnesses that pediatricians encounter deal with children but some are, chickenpox, ear infections, the flu, fevers and other illnesses that can get more dramatic than that. Pediatricians require many different qualities to be a success doctor, some are be able to commit varies hours at a time to the hospital with previous notice, friendly, caring, good communication skills, and able to work with others in different conditions. Some qualities that might hinder being a successful doctor is bad people skills, not having patience, getting upset when something doesn’t go right, and the ability not to be able to deal with the varies conditions people go through. For my second career choice I chose to become a cardiac nurse. What is a cardiac nurse? A cardiac nurse is a person who meets the needs for education and the support of patients with coronary heart disease who are making lifestyle changes to prevent worsening of the disease. After hearing all the different things they do and whom they help, I decided that that could be a career that I would enjoy. Cardiac nurses have many different responsibilities, but a couple of them are proving acute care to people with heart problems, evaluating chronic health problems, monitoring their patients while they are doing workouts, and providing the right medication and help the patients need. I chose this profession because I believe that helping people is the right thing to do. Also with this field dealing with the elderly it made it stand out even more. I know that the older people are the past knowledge to they younger generation, and without them we would not know some things that they inform us of. Also I will be able to learn about the way the heart functions better and what each part does. In order to be come a cardiac nurse you first have receive a high school diploma then you have to graduate from a nursing program to be eligible to take the nursing examination. Then you must receive at least one of the three possible certificates like: a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a Hospital Diploma. Although the salary for a nurse varies depending on education the starting salary starts at $30,000 to $45,000 per year, plus additional pay for evening, nights and weekends shifts. Their benefits include health insurance, vacation, holiday pay, college tuition reimbursement, childcare, flexible scheduling and pension plans. Florence Nightingale was one of the most important people that died who made a big contribution to the nursing field. She then studied at the Institute for Protestant Deaconesses at Kaiserworth, Germany. In 1853, she became superintendent of the Hospital for Invalid Gentlewomen in London. She volunteered her services in 1854 in the Scutari after the Crimean War broke out. Through her efforts, the mortality rates among the sick and wounded was greatly reduced. After the war, in 1869, Nightingale founded the Nightingale School Home for Nurses at Saint Thomass Hospital in London, marking the beginning of professional education in nursing. The different types of illnesses that cardiac nurses face/treat are acute heart attacks and bypasses. In order to be a nurse you have to have to have patience, be able to deal with elderly people, the ability to be on call at different times, good communication skills, teaching commitment to physical fitness and well-being, and emergency management. Some qualities that might hinder success is a bad attitude, not committed to the job, and not being a people person.

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Courage In this, the last newsletter of 2015, the best gift I would give you for 2016 is courage. The most common concern I receive from writers is how to weather the insecurity and fear of putting yourself out there in the world. I dare say it stops many from submitting, and many others from submitting seriously. Lack of courage keeps us writing for free (or two cents per word). Lack of courage keeps us from attending a conference and asking questions. Lack of courage keeps us from joining a critique group. Lack of courage keeps us from pitching an agent. Lack of courage keeps us from entering contests. Lack of courage keeps us from speaking to groups. Lack of courage keeps us from writing daily, for fear the investment is for naught. In making your plans for 2016, set a plan for becoming courageous. Decide to step out with your writing. I know. It sounds easier than it is. I understand. Having written The Shy Writer Reborn from personal experiences, fears, and misgivings, I have experienced most anything you can throw at me. Speaking stumbles, pitch embarrassments, submissions rejected with debasing phrases. List some steps youll take to be courageous with your writing next year, such as: Pitching a local magazine. Speaking locally to a small group. Submitting to presses in your town or state. Entering a small contest once a month instead of the national big ones. Reviewing someone elses book on Amazon in a serious, thought out manner (shows your writing skills without being direct). Joining a writers group. Introducing yourself to the librarians in your area. Attending a one-day writers conference or retreat locally. You dont have to go national with your work. Selling 5,000 books within thirty miles of your house is just as great as selling across the country. The number is the same. Less travel, less stress, less stranger-danger feeling. Can you imagine how creative wed be if we were fearless? That gives me shivers just thinking about it. But thats what I wish for you . . . more courage in 2016. Im not asking you to tackle the universe; just be bolder doing little things, so that you then become bolder about the middle-sized things. Ba Take a moment to listen to the podcast interview I did with Dorit Sasson about this very subject. It was a fun session and might help you in your journey. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Giving Voice to Your Story podcast How to Overcome Fear. blogtalkradio.com/givingvoicetoyourstory/2015/12/10/the-courage-to-promote-your-book-with-c-hope-clark

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Workplace Literacy - Problem-Solving Letter Proposal Essay

Workplace Literacy - Problem-Solving Letter Proposal - Essay Example For instance, there are regular traffic jams during the mornings and afternoons. The central emphasis on cars as public transport also contributes to pollution. Although buses contribute to the pollution problem as much as cars, buses are able to aggregate the amount of people traveling, thus reducing the total amount of emissions in the atmosphere. Another major transportation concern is safety. The proportion of deaths from car accidents is increasing. In fact, the report of 2011 issued by the World Health Organization says that 1.3 million people die each year from traffic accidents (Joffe, 2011). This number is expected to increase to about 1.9 million deaths annually by 2020 if public transportation is not instituted. The number of traffic accidents during the year 2011, amounted to 544.179 thousand accidents, which amounts to 1.537 per day. The number of people injured in the same year amounted to more than (39.000) and (7.153) death with rate of (20) deaths per day. The cumulative recognition of these statistics demonstrates that transportation is a serious concern that strikes to the heart of pubic safety. In addition to the previously mentioned concerns, the nature of public transportation is additionally a significant civil rights concern. As you surely recognize driving is restricted to males (Jeddah, 2012). While many homes have their own drivers a significant amount do not. This leaves a majority of women without an adequate means of transportation. In both cases a significant amount of money is expended because the people who have their own driver have to pay for them and for the car. For people who don’t have their own driver, they still have to hire someone to take them to their jobs or schools or whatever destination they need to attend. This situation creates an instance where a large part of the working public

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Summary and review of Selma movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Summary and of Selma - Movie Review Example In the movie, Ava DuVernay narrates the story of how King and his family created a transformation that changed the American history forever. The movie is a representation of the ancient darker days experienced by black Americans. The message ends with promises that terror will never be accepted or celebrated. Apart from depicting the advancement of change, Selma shows stunted evolution. It is a reminder that history is necessary to avoid making mistakes. The story gives an outline of both the ancient times and the way forward. While representing King, Oyelowo becomes a revelation in the movie. For instance, he brings out the spirit of his character instead of a visual interpretation. He brings out the image of the King as an exhausted man with the task of creating change and then combines it with disobedience, comedy, strength, and calculated expertise. Oyelowo’s outstanding performance depicts King as a complicated and imperfect person whose belief in God prevented him from experiencing absolute despair. This touching film intends to irritate, depress, and inspire the

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Education, Teacher Essay Example for Free

Education, Teacher Essay How can teachers be advocates for children in and out of the classroom? Teachers play an important role, everyone knows that, but does anyone actually know how much teachers do for us? It seems that teachers are just an authority figure at school, but it is so much more than that. Teachers are in a classroom with about 25 children who thirst for an education. Teachers quench this thirst with the knowledge that they teach in the classroom. Teachers do not just advocate children in the classroom; they continue to do so in the community and the lives of people. Teachers advocate for children in the classroom. â€Å"What students need to succeed in the twenty-first century is an education that is both academically rigorous and relevant to the real world† (Covey). In the classroom, teachers are resource providers, instructional specialist, curriculum specialist, classroom supporters, learning facilitators, mentors and school leaders they are also learners that learn new things each and every day from the children they teach. Children look up to teachers for help, advice, tutoring, and guidance. In the classroom, teachers teach the curriculum they have planned for the day and are expected to help any child that is falling behind or does not understand. Discipline is also a part in the learning process. With all the cheating and various ways of bullying, schools these days have turned into a place you do not want to be at because you feel in danger of getting physically or mentally hurt (Covey). The misbehavior of these cheaters and bullies are preventing their classmates from learning and teachers from instructing the thought out session (Rizzolo). Teachers should always on the first day(s) of student attendance, get off to a good start and execute the rules of the classroom, to avoid this misbehavior from happening. Of course, the classroom rules should tie in with the school policies. When teachers are stating the classroom policies their tone must be stern but not strict, this is to ensure that the students do not take the teacher lightly. The teacher has a role in the community also. Teachers’ role in the community is extremely important, since it is the teachers who are the backbone of the educational system. The whole educational system starts with the school board. The school board comes up with all the school policy that every school must follow. Once these policies are set in stone, administrators interpret them, but the teachers are the ones that personally enforce these school policies and make sure everyone obeys these policies. For teachers to maintain support from the community to keep the school itself running, the community must have a positive observation on the teachers. In order to uphold this positive outlook, teachers must be prepared for the unknown and keep a positive attitude throughout (Nebor). Teachers play a valuable role in todays society. The government creates the standards of living and suggests ways of assessment. Our administrators direct the teachers to teach these standards that the government has created for us. After being directed by the administrators, the teacher educates the students on these standards. Therefore, it can be agreed that teachers are responsible for the society, or in other words is the backbone of society. As stated in the previous paragraph, a teacher is a figure that not only educates on an academic level, but also on a social level in order to create character and citizenship. As time passed, the message that teachers attempt to get across has changed but the meaning behind it has not. â€Å"A teacher must help form society at the foundation† (Covey). For today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders. Teachers have an impact on the lives of others. Certainly, teachers affect the lives of the children they teach, but how? Teachers give their students encouragement by saying Come on, you can do it youve got this! or Hey, I believe you can achieve more; give it your all! †(Five Ways Good Teachers Change Lives) or other uplifting phrases such as a quote that I live by that says â€Å"Dont give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder. † Like encouragement, teachers also support their students by conveying the belief that their students can succeed at anything they put their mind to. The teacher must care for the students; have the child’s best interest in mind. Being a teacher like the teachers who risked their lives for their students in the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, is not necessary but showing them respect and support and encouragement is. Most importantly, challenge the student. Set high standards and push the student to succeed in everything they set out to do. Call out the best from them by rewarding them with some praising words. Just remember do not speak words of devastation, cause humiliation, express indifference, use authority to cause fear, or act out of anger and frustration, and all will be good. Parents expect a lot from teachers. Parents expect their child to learn from his or her teacher what they cannot be taught at home. Parents want their child to gain knowledge of obedience, traditional values, admiration, good manners, and responsibility throughout their whole school experience (Covey). Parents want to be able to schedule a one on one conference with the teacher to discuss their child’s progress or any problems the child is having, and how they are doing in the class or if they are not doing so well how they can improve. Teacher’s ability to inspire children to learn should be acknowledge for enthusiasm or passion cannot be taught, but it can certainly be transferable. Also, the teacher’s ability to understand the child’s perspectives should also be acknowledged, because good teachers will see what their students need to succeed. Children should be free to make their own mistakes and not be afraid of being punished, how else will they learn if you do not give them any room. Yes children should be able to make their own decision; you should also give them space to express themselves freely. One thing that you can make sure of is wherever they are expressing themselves or making their own mistakes they are in a safe environment. Teachers also inspire one another. Teachers all have a common goal, so why not come together and share. A lesson that on teacher teaches may inspire on if not many other teachers to do/plan a similar lesson. No one teacher can know everything there is to know in this world, so they learn from each other. Social media is a great place for teachers to acquire ideas for a lesson. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are outstanding sites for teachers to connect with students and other teachers (Bort). Students benefit from this by having the opportunity to obtain assignments that they have missed and obtain information. Teachers benefit by having a way to communicate with students out of the class and get a hold of some inspiration (Vartan). Being a teacher is not an easy job. Teachers must always demonstrate leadership in multiple ways. A teacher should do everything that can to ensure that their students grow up to become a mature, responsible, and respectable person. Who knows the student may become the teacher and the teacher becomes the student. Works Cited Bort, Anji. Personal Interview. 13 Feb. 2013. Covey, Stephen R.The Leader in Me. New York: FranklinCovey Co. , 2008. Print. â€Å"Five Ways Good Teachers Change Lives. † Passing the Baton. WebSpark Design, 18 Nov 2009. Web. 16 Feb. 2013 http://www. passingthebaton. org Nebor, Jon N. The Role of the Teacher in School-Community Relations [microform] / Jon N. Nebor Distributed by ERIC Clearinghouse, [Washington, D. C. ]: 1984 http://www. eric. ed. gov Vartan, Starre. â€Å"How teachers use social media in the classroom to beef up instructions. † MNN, 2012. Web. 19 Feb. 2013 http://www. mnn. com.

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Kate Chopins Awakening Essay -- Kate Chopin Awakening Essays

Kate Chopin's Awakening Kate Chopin's depiction of â€Å"The Awakening† is realistic as she develops Edna Pontellier’s character from a socially and morally respectable individual to an individual that turns her back on everything closest to her as she births her new self-being. Edna Pontellier struggles between her subconscious and conscious thoughts as unusual feelings stir unfounded emotions and senses. Some of Chopin’s characters lend themselves in Edna’s â€Å"awakening†. Through examination of Leonce Pontellier, Robert Lebrun, Madame Moiselle Reisz, Adele Ratignolle, and Alcee Arobin the life of Edna Pontellier turns into her ultimate death. The relationship she has with each one of these characters influences and initiates a lost feeling that has never risen to its complete capacity. As Edna awakens to this new self she becomes self absorbs and chooses herself-satisfaction over her family. Edna and Leonce’s marriage didn’t start as two star crosses lovers, but more of convenience. Leonce pursued Edna and â€Å"fell in love† with her (Kate Chopin 32). Edna wasn’t in love with Leonce, but rather embraced the idea of defying her family. Kate Chopin states, â€Å"And to this violent opposition of her father and sister Margaret to her marriage with a Catholic, there is no need to search for the motive which led her to accept Leonce as her husband† (32). Leonce’s commitment to Edna satisfied her mind set. When Leonce â€Å"goes to join the calvary officer†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (33). Edna finds herself in the depths of the realization that she is left alone. This is the first of many times that Leonce leaves her. Although Leonce takes good care of his family financially, there is the definite absence of intimacy between he and Edna. It seems Edna has never had an intimate relationship, but has had intimate feelings of fascination. Chopin rev eals, â€Å"she remembered feeling enarmored with a Kentuckian Calvary officer who came to visit her father, after he faded from her existence her mind turned to a gentleman who called upon a neighbor. He too vanished from her dreams† (31-32). Emerging from adolescence into puberty can stir a child’s emotions. They can become infatuated with virtually any attractable figure. At this point in a child’s life he needs parental guidance. Since Edna’s mother is dead she was probably somewhat rebellious and though Leonce made her happy in the beginning their relation... ...’t realize that there is anything wrong with her life until she meets those around her that are free from conformity. In Mme. Reisz, Edna admires and desires what she has which is independency. She doesn’t rely on anyone for anything. In Adele she sees the mother that she would like to be, but doesn’t want to bother. She cares more about her own satisfaction, independent of her family. Robert Lebrun stirred something up in Edna that she could not let alone. She felt aware of herself for the first time and she would seek it out until she was satisfied with herself. Edna’s awakening was apparently more than she could deal with, though we don’t really know if she intentionally swam out into the ocean to drown herself or if she just swam too far and was unable to swim back. Regardless of that thought Chopin must have intended for the possibility of either happening or she would have made a clear and precise account for Edna’s purpose. Chopin clearly defined each character in Edna’s life and how each one affected her during her awakening. Each one had a role in Edna’s life and played an important part in her awakening. Works Cited Kate Chopin. The Awakening. Oxford World Classics

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Examine the importance of Act III, Scene V Essay

Examine the importance of Act III, Scene V. How would you direct the scene in order to emphasise your interpretation? Romeo and Juliet is a play of love and tragedy. It is a great play if directed properly and is easy for people to understand. This is why I am writing this essay on how I would direct one of the most important scenes, Act III, Scene V. I will explain the significance of this scene and how I would get across its meaning. To understand this scene you need to know a little about life of people in the 16th Century; for one thing the relationship between children and their parents was very different especially amongst the rich. The father of the family expected everyone to do what he said even if they disagreed. Also mothers didn’t usually know their children personally as they hired nurses to take care of them 24/7 and even with babies they hired a wet-nurse, which means the nurse had usually just had a child and would breast feed the family’s child. The mother and father had very little to do with their children. Even though they didn’t know their children they still arranged their marriages! The children had no say in the matter. A rich family would usually set up a marriage with another wealthy family. It was socially unacceptable for a rich person to marry a poor person. Once married the wife was expected to do whatever her husband said and never answer back. If she did the husband would usually get angry and sometimes physical. As well as thinking about the 16th Century behaviour I need to think about the relevance to a modern audience. I think a modern audience would relate to all the love and compassion in this scene. They would see the love Juliet has for Romeo and feel sorry for her because her father is forcing her to marry someone else. They will see the pain and suffering she is going through to get her father to cancel the wedding but he gets angry because they should do what he says and never answer back. The important thing when trying to direct the scene is to emphasise the part the modern audience would relate to. I would do this by making the scene very dramatic and make the actor playing Capulet push Juliet around as well as speaking very loudly, maybe even shouting. I would also have the actress playing Juliet cry and whimper, get down on her knees and make it look like she is begging. The other characters, Lady Capulet and the Nurse would be trying to hold back Capulet, but would cower away when he speaks to them. This should show the audience that Juliet is desperate and will demonstrate how aggressive Capulet can be. As well as thinking about the historical context and the contemporary relevance we need to consider the character development. In this scene we find things out about the Capulet family we never knew before. The characters seem to change, for example Juliet starts the scene very happy as she has just that night consummated her marriage to Romeo. This happiness is shown when she says, â€Å"Nightly she sings on yon pomegranate tree. Believe me love it was the nightingale. † This shows that she is happy and being romantic. As the scene continues she changes from being happy to suicidal because she is being forced to marry Parris. â€Å"If all else fail, myself have power to die. † This means if she cannot delay the marriage she will kill herself. Another character that changes is the Nurse, as in the beginning of the scene she helps Juliet hide Romeo when Lady Capulet walked in. She said, â€Å"Your lady mother is coming to your chamber. † This shows the nurse wants to help and gives Romeo time to escape through the window. The Nurse does try and stick up for Juliet against Capulet but backs down when he shouts at her. Right at the end of the scene the Nurse suddenly changes and says, â€Å"I think it best you married with the county. † The Nurse has now decided not to back Romeo and Juliet’s love and told Juliet to marry Parris and forget about Romeo. She does this because she realises that Juliet has no alternative. We also learn things about the characters. We learn that Capulet has a very short fuse and gets very angry as he expects his family to do whatever he says. He was outraged that Juliet answered back by saying she did not want to marry Parris. â€Å"Hang thee young baggage, disobedient wretch! † This proves how aggressive Capulet gets. Also, Capulet and Lady Capulet’s marriage is shown in a different light as we see that Lady Capulet doesn’t stand up against her husband and does what he says. â€Å"Here comes your father, tell him so yourself, and see how he will take it at your hands. † This illustrates that she will not speak against her husband and advises Juliet to tell him herself. All this is showing that Capulet runs the relationship. We also find out that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is very immature as they keep changing their minds about important things, for example â€Å"Therefore stay get, thou need’st not to be gone. † This proves their immaturity and that they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. This scene is a turning point in the play as Juliet is distraught because she is being forced to marry Parris and feels everyone has abandoned her. She believes the only way out is to take her own life, so she turns to the Friar for help. This is significant because the Friar is the one who gives her the sleeping potion and tells her to take it the night before her marriage to Parris. Taking the sleeping potion eventually leads to the death of Romeo and Juliet. I think the end isn’t quite inevitable because you don’t know that Romeo wouldn’t get the message from Friar Lawrence and think that Juliet is dead, then take the poison when he sees her in the tomb. If everything went to plan, Romeo would have known she was just in a deep sleep and then live together outside the walls of Verona. However, the way this scene ends and some of the language in this scene makes a tragic end more likely. There is a lot said in this scene that would suggest the play would end in tragedy. As Juliet is told she will marry Parris, this complicates everything for Juliet as she already has a husband. It makes her feel suicidal because Romeo has been banished and now she has to marry Parris. On top of all that her mother and Nurse abandon her. â€Å"Talk not to me, for I’ll not speak a word. Do as though wilt, for I have done with thee. † This makes us believe something tragic will happen soon. We also believe that it will end in tragedy because of the way the play has been structured. The play starts with the prologue, which says, â€Å"The fearful passage of their death marked love†¦ † This states that it will end tragically. Juliet says, â€Å"Methinks I see thee now though art so low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb. † The two lovers separate after saying things like this, which suggests they will never see each other again. This all points to the same thing, a tragic end. This also changes the tone of the play because in the scene before, the mood was very loving and happy as Romeo and Juliet got married. This mood stayed at the beginning of this scene. â€Å"Look love, what envious streaks do lace the severing clouds I yonder east. † This shows Romeo being romantic to the women he loves. The romance is also shown in the structure of the sentences by iambic pentameter. It makes the sentences flow and sound poetic. All this shows love and happiness. Then when Juliet’s mother enters the mood changes from happy and loving to despair and sorrow. Juliet’s starts to plead with her mother but she will not listen. When her father enters the mood becomes very dramatic, as Capulet was being very aggressive. This is shown by harsh, brutal language, â€Å"Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither. Out you green – sickness carrion. † This shows his anger and aggression. The rhythm has also changed, it is now very sharp and snappy to show the anger he has towards her. We also see Juliet pleading to her father, â€Å"Good father, I beseech you on my knees, hear me with patience, but to speak a word. † She pleads and pleads. She is worried and full of despair. At the end she talks of killing herself, this is how much the mood has changed. Shakespeare has presented several forms of love in this scene and other themes, like fate. The forms of love presented in this scene are young love, which Romeo and Juliet have for each other. This kind of love has blinded them and all they think about is each other. They don’t think about their actions. Also we are shown the love between Juliet and the Nurse, which is like a mother and daughter love. The Nurse helps Juliet and tries to give the best advice she can. I think Shakespeare wants the audience to conclude that love is strong and that people should fight for love. He may also want them to realise how some families can disown their children just because they love, in their eyes, the wrong person. The other theme, fate is an important part, as if it was meant to be they would be fine and nothing would go wrong but things go terribly wrong for Romeo and Juliet. So it seems fate is against them or fate has already predetermined their deaths. If I was directing the production of Romeo and Juliet I would instruct the actors to play their parts dramatically and over state things of importance e. g. I would make the actors playing Romeo and Juliet be over affectionate to each other at the beginning of this scene. I would tell the audience about the 16th Century life and behaviour, so they would be able to understand the background better. I would explain that the father expected everyone to do what he said. Also I would explain about the wet-nurse and the bond between her and Juliet. I would do this by including it in the programme or through a narrator. In order to get a good response from the audience I would have to highlight the things they can relate to. I would ask the actress who played Juliet to emphasise her despair by getting on her knees to plead with her father. Also I would make Capulet shout and push Juliet around ensuring that the audience would feel sorry for her. This will demonstrate how angry Capulet gets and that Juliet is really upset because she doesn’t want to marry Parris. To make sure they know the mother won’t stick up for Juliet I would make the actress hide behind Capulet. For the Nurse, I would get her to stop Capulet from hitting Juliet, to show she tried to help, but he will push her away. I would also make them emphasise the parts, which indicate the play will end in tragedy by speaking louder. Act III, Scene V is a particularly important scene because the mood drastically changes from happiness to despair. This is because she is being forced to marry Parris and everyone abandons her. All this shows the audience that there is going to be a tragic end to the play.

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Illiteracy Rate in America

Although the United States is the most powerful country in the world, with its high economy rate and â€Å"dot comers† at its highest peak ever, it is unfortunately, sad to say that the elevating illiteracy rate is also at its highest peak also. Even though the U. S. has the lowest rate among the other world countries, illiteracy still is a problem today that many U. S. citizens struggle with. A generalization of illiteracy is not being able to functionally read or write and â€Å"is essentially associated with poverty†(National Institute of Literacy p94) Whereas the definition of illiteracy stated by Webster (p413) is being unable to read and write; uneducated; having or showing a lack of knowledge of fundamentals on a particular subject. No one is capable of looking at another person and realizing that they are functionally illiterate, because illiterate people make it difficult to detect because they are so good at covering it. The literate public does not realize the size of the literacy problem today. They think everyone is literate, but more than 40 million Americans 16 years of age and older have only basic reading and writing skills, according to the U. S. department of education. WWW. galegroup. com Customarily, citizens apt to looking down upon those who are not functionally literate and who were deprived of the education that those who aren†t illiterate were taught These people are illiterate because they never had the opportunity to learn, or when they had the opportunity, they lacked the motivation to learn. There are many problems that an illiterate person will face when trying to live a normal day-to-day life, because they had a lack of motivation, which makes it very hard for an illiterate person to get around or even survive. Because of this, many help tactics have been underway so that they may have assistance in getting important things done. Despite the dispossession of not being able to functionally read and write, there are various problems that an individual, and that individuals† family are faced with. Such types of problems are not being able to make out a grocery, fill out important documents, such as health care information to better facilitate them and their family, and not being able to apply for a well-positioned job because they are unable to comprehend what the application is asking. These problems are like a domino effect amongst illiterate persons. Once one problem is dealt with another one appears to happen very shortly afterward. Take for example an illiterate mother who has two young children who have not been educated how to read nor write yet. This mother has a low-income job, because of lack of reading proficiency skills, which makes her have a very tight budget for her single family home. On a regular trip to the grocery store this mother would first have to ration her money out so that she would still have money for miscellaneous things. She would only be able to rely on pictures and normally bought things. While at the checkout line this mother would not be able to count her money alone, because she is â€Å"functionally illiterate†, so she would definitely be in need of assistance. Major companies and businesses have realized the illiteracy rate increase and have taken action to try and remedy the problem. There are many ways in which these places have tried to assist in helping these illiterate persons. When illiterate persons enter a social work office, in need of some sort of care â€Å"they mainly recognize there names and that†s about it† says Peggy McEldon, of Dinnwiddie Department of Social Services. She also goes on to say that â€Å"often times people come in with their forms already filled out and completed all they have to do is put the information in the system. sometimes for some support they will bring a relative or an authorized person to speak or sign papers for them, if someone can†t read or write they can sign with an â€Å"X†. (Peggy McEldon) Most importantly whatever help that is needed they are entitled to do whatever is possible to reach their need. In another situation at the local Department of Motor Vehicles, such assistance to an illiterate person trying for a drivers† license is instead of a computer test given, an oral test would be given, to ask questions as to where they stand. most people who come in with needs of assistance is young people†(Linda Hall, Front Hall Desk). In the most multicultural nation in the world, it is not uncommon to come across illiterate persons in your day-to-day life. In the 3rd world countries the crisis of illiteracy has usually been demoted. More and more however, literacy is threatening the continual development of highly industrialized nations. Though there are many sources that illiterate persons can go to to get help and assistance, illiterate persons will still not be able to survive very long with knowing little knowledge. Although it seems as though their will never be a halt in the growth of illiteracy, we find that most people will hold educators accountable for the lack of literate people that walk the face of this earth, even though it†s the illiterate people who lack in the skills needed to perform his or her purpose. Consequently as the standards increase, population grows, and the educational system falters, illiteracy will continue to be one of America†s worst problems; and the number of illiterate people will continue to rise.

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Aylmers obsession

Aylmers obsession Before Georgina came along the most valuable thing in Aylmer’s life was science. He had dedicated his life to this field, and he felt that nothing was of greater value than its study. Georgina came along, and everything changed for him. He even abandoned his life long career for the sake of love.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Aylmer’s obsession specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More After marriage, the only imperfection on her body, which is her birthmark, becomes unbearable to a point that he occasionally shudders when he sees it. The feeling grows in him until it becomes an obsession. It disturbs him so much that he even dreams of performing surgery on her. He sees it as the only thing that prevents the lady who changed his life from being perfect (Hawthorne 6). What he hopes to accomplish by removing it Aylmer hopes to achieve perfection. He believes that by removing it, she will be perfect. Though most men are content with the birthmark, Aylmer’s nature, personality and belief that science can solve anything makes it harder for him to appreciate the mark. He also wants to remove it so as to be happy again. At the beginning everything was perfect, he valued her more than anything else, but after they became married, the presence of the birthmark bothered him a lot. The fact that he occasionally reacted negatively after seeing it is also proof that he was not happy. In relation to the debate of science versus nature, he aimed at showing the greatness of science. The author tells us that the two things that mattered most in his life were the love for his wife and science. By using science to make her perfect, the results would support his claim that the best things that were offered by nature were inadequate. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Birthmark, S.l: Perfection Learning, 2007. Print.

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Documentación Para Niños Que Viajan Solos en EE.UU.

Documentacià ³n Para Nià ±os Que Viajan Solos en EE.UU. Cuando un nià ±o menor de 18 aà ±os  ingresa o sale de los Estados Unidos sin estar acompaà ±ado por sus dos padres o se dispone a viajar solo en un vuelo domà ©stico surge la duda sobre quà © documentacià ³n necesita. En este artà ­culo se explican cules son los documentos oficiales que pueden ser utilizados por los menores de edad estadounidenses para ingresar y salir  de Estados Unidos y tambià ©n se brinda un ejemplo de declaracià ³n jurada voluntaria, que puede ser conveniente para evitar problemas, y quà © puede suceder cuando el menor viaja con solamente un progenitor y se sospecha que puede no tener la autorizacià ³n del otro para salir del paà ­s. Asimismo, se informa sobre las reglas y directrices que aplican a los vuelos domà ©sticos de menores que viajar sin estar acompaà ±ados por un adulto. Finalmente y teniendo en consideracià ³n que cuando se cruzan aduanas internacionales hay que respetar las leyes del paà ­s de entrada y del de salida, se explica el caso de Mà ©xico debido a la frecuencia de viajes entre ese paà ­s y Estados Unidos por parte de menores. Documentacià ³n para viajes de nià ±os estadounidenses a otros paà ­ses En primer lugar, destacar que el menor estadounidense necesita estar documentado, asà ­ viaje por sà ­ solo o con sus padres. Entre la documentacià ³n aceptada para salir e ingresar a los Estados Unidos el  pasaporte americano es el documento por excelencia  para todos los  ciudadanos americanos, incluidos los nià ±os. Pero sacar un pasaporte americano para un nià ±o est sujeto a sus propias reglas que difieren un poco de las que aplican a los pasaportes de adultos. Por ejemplo, es necesaria la presencia de ambos padres y si uno  de los padres no quiere sacar el pasaporte para el hijo/a  solo caben excepciones muy particulares. Tambià ©n es necesario  llevar al infante a solicitar el pasaporte. Adems, si bien es cierto que el documento por excelencia es el pasaporte americano lo cierto es que adems se admiten otro tipo de papeles, dependiendo de la edad del menor, de si se llega por mar o tierra y del paà ­s de procedencia. Lo cual es especialmente à ºtil para los casos de cruce de aduanas terrestres entre Mà ©xico y Estados Unidos.   Las mismas reglas que aplican para que el menor salga de Estados Unidos sirven para que regrese. En el caso de que el pasaporte caduque estando en el exterior ser necesario solicitar otro nuevo en una embajada o consulado estadounidense. El nià ±o deber estar presente en la entrevista para el pasaporte. Documentacià ³n adicional cuando el nià ±o no viaja acompaà ±ado de ambos padres Es muy frecuente que un menor viaje al exterior o regrese a los Estados Unidos acompaà ±ado de sà ³lo el pap, sà ³lo la mam, otros familiares como abuelos, hermanos mayores, tà ­os, padrinos e incluso amigos, grupos escolares o religiosos, etc.  ¿Quà © dice la ley en estos casos? El gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos no establece obligatoriamente la necesidad de que estos adultos que acompaà ±an a los nià ±os lleven ninguna justificacià ³n de por quà © estn los nià ±os viajando con ellos. Sin embargo, la Policà ­a de Aduanas y Fronteras (CBP, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) puede pedirle al adulto que pruebe con un documento que puede viajar internacionalmente con el nià ±o.  ¿Quà © documento prueba  que el adulto que acompaà ±a al nià ±o cuenta con la autorizacià ³n de los dos padres? Segà ºn la CBP una declaracià ³n jurada firmada ante notario. Si el nià ±o viaja con un sà ³lo progenitor, el otro ha de firmarla. Y si viaja sin ninguno de los padres entonces en la declaracià ³n ha de estar la firma de los dos. La à ºnica excepcià ³n a esto es cuando uno de los padres tiene la custodia en exclusiva del menor. Como por ejemplo cuando es viudo/a, una corte ha establecido esa custodia en exclusiva o en el certificado de nacimiento consta sà ³lo el nombre de uno de los padres. En estos casos es suficiente la declaracià ³n con la firma del padre que tiene custodia, si bien  es bueno llevar tambià ©n la documentacià ³n que asà ­ lo acredita (birth certificate, death certificate, court decision, etc).   Ejemplo de declaracià ³n para justificar que un nià ±o no est viajando con ambos padres I (y a continuacià ³n escribir el nombre del pap y/o de la mam) acknowledge that my (poner aquà ­ la relacià ³n con el adulto que acompaà ±a al menor y su nombre, como por ejemplo wife, husband, father, mother, friend, etc) is travelling out of the country with my (son, daughter). He/She/they (segà ºn sea el caso)  have my permission to do so. Lo que en espaà ±ol vendrà ­a a decir que Yo, (y a continuacià ³n mi nombre) reconozco que mi (esposo/esposa, amigo, pap, mam, etc) viaja a otro paà ­s con mi (hijo, hija). El/Ella tiene mi permiso para hacerlo. Elegir las opciones correctas, firmarlo y fecharlo ante notario. Recordar que si ninguno de los paps acompaà ±a al nià ±o, debe haber dos declaraciones juradas, una por el mam y otra por el padre. Si el adulto que acompaà ±a al nià ±o en su guardin legal establecido asà ­ por una corte entonces no precisa de la autorizacià ³n de ninguno de los paps, pero es recomendable que viaje con el papel donde se le nombra guardin.  ¿Por quà © Estados Unidos puede pedir esta declaracià ³n certificada? El objetivo es proteger al nià ±o, particularmente en casos de secuestro internacional de menores, donde es frecuente que uno de los padres, sà ³lo o con ayuda de amigos o familiares, intente cruzar una frontera con un nià ±o a escondidas el progenitor con el que comparte custodia. Esto es un delito muy serio, incluso aunque el que lo haga sea uno de los padres y tenga la mejor de las intenciones. Viajar con esa declaracià ³n notarizada no es obligatorio. Pero si un agente la pide y no se tiene lo que va a pasar es que el adulto que acompaà ±a al menor va a ser retenido hasta que se puede demostrar que tiene permiso del otro padre o de ambos padres -segà ºn el caso- para viajar internacionalmente con el menor. Requisitos aerolà ­neas y de otros paà ­ses: el caso de Mà ©xico Cuando se viaja por avià ³n hay que verificar de antemano los requisitos de cada aerolà ­nea, ya que dependiendo del caso pueden ser incluso ms severas que las de las autoridades americanas. Adems, no olvidar que cuando se cruza una frontera hay que cumplir con las leyes de dos paà ­ses, no sà ³lo las de Estados Unidos. Asà ­ que verificar quà © pide el otro paà ­s para poder ingresar/sacar a un menor por sus fronteras cuando no est acompaà ±ado por ambos padres. Por ejemplo, las reglas de Canad son muy estrictas y las de Mà ©xico, tambià ©n.  Por ejemplo, si se viaja entre  Mà ©xico y Estados Unidos,  las de esas 2 naciones, destacando que  Mà ©xico  es un paà ­s que exige requisitos serios  en el caso de viajes de menores sin estar acompaà ±ados por su padre y su madre, al pedir que se llene el  Formato de Salida de Menores  (SAM). Documentos para nià ±os extranjeros ingresando en EE.UU. Los menores extranjeros deben tener pasaporte y documento que permita el ingreso que depender del caso de cada uno, por ejemplo, la tarjeta de residencia, una visa de turista o estudiante, una ESTA, etc. Documentos para nià ±os que viajan solos en vuelo domà ©stico en EE.UU. Como regla general la ley dice que los menores de 18 aà ±os no tienen que mostrar identificacià ³n para pasar por el control de seguridad. Sin embargo, cada aerolà ­nea est capacitada para establecer sus propias reglas. Por ejemplo, es comà ºn que exijan algà ºn tipo de identificacià ³n para permitir la compra del billete y emitir la tarjeta de embarque. Adems, sà ­ que se pide al adulto que acompaà ±a al menor al aeropuerto o lo recoge que muestre un I.D. con foto tipo licencia de manejar del estado. Adems, aunque no es necesario se surgiere que los menores que ya han alcanzado los 12 aà ±os de edad y, particularmente, si parecen muy grandes que lleven consigo una identificacià ³n con foto que no contenga su direccià ³n. El pasaporte, de Estados Unidos o de otro paà ­s, es la identificacià ³n ideal pero no la à ºnica que puede servir este propà ³sito. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal para ningà ºn caso concreto.

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Airline Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Airline Operations - Essay Example As a report a year after the 9/11 attacks stated, "the costs of the terrorist attacks have been borne disproportionately by a few industries, especially airlines, tourism and insurance" (Makinen, 2002, p. 2). First of all, no airlines flew anywhere in the United States for one week after the 9/11 attacks. This involved a backlog in flights and plane maintenance/positioning that took months to overcome once flights started. The US Congress gave the airlines access to $15 billion, in the form of $5 billion in short-term emergency assistance and $10 billion in loan guarantees. However, the attacks of 9/11 seem to have sped up economic woes that were already occurring, and led to major reorganizations such as the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of US Airways (Makinen, 2002, p.2). Reports for airline finances in 2002 were dismal, with US Airways filing for bankruptcy and United Airlines soon following suit. However, several airlines such as JetBlue reported better earnings than expected, solidifying a trend that had been occurring in recent years. One of the major results of th... One of the major results of the 9/11 attacks, and one that has yet to fully return to normal, was the rapid decrease in the amount of business travel on airlines. Business travelers were some of the most profit-making customers for airlines, and these often offset the barely breaking even or loss-making performance associated with vacation related and other consumer travel. This loss of business travel may be related to the fact that telecommunications technology has meant that real-time meetings through video conferencing has become the norm rather than the exception. The fact that 9/11 occurred, making business travelers less certain about flying because of safety concerns may have compounded a situation that was already occurring with the rapid advance in communications technology. Large corporations have also learned that they "don't need to pay those higher, unrestricted fares . . . there is always going to be some business travel that needs flexibility to change flight plans . . . but the policy of many large corporations will be to book in advance to save money or to justify it when you don't" (Corridore, 2004, p.1). The traditional airlines such as United and American have also been facing great competition from low-cost competitors such as Jet Blue, that have started to move into transcontinental flights. For example, JetBlue offers numerous non-stop California-East Coast flights for little more than $100 one-way. A customer can also change their flight (through changing the time or just canceling) up to a minute before the flight with a nominal ($25) charge and the remaining balance to be used for future flights (jetblue, 2006) . The increased use of web-sites that have been created from scratch with the idea of making buying/changing a flight very